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If you do not want to be a disease that is not used cheap drugs, must use expensive drugs, or cannot be cured with drugs like other people. Antibiotics should be used correctly. Not blindly buying and eating by ourselves.
What is an antibiotic?
Professor Noppadon Watcharachaisuraphon Infectious Disease Unit Pediatrics Department Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society explained in the list of tips and knowledge of the health partner of Chulalongkorn University that before getting to know antibiotics We recommend you to know other nearby words.
Antiseptics and antimicrobial drugs are drugs that kill germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, or protozoa.
The antibiotic Most of us are referring to drugs that kill bacteria.
If not specified what type of disinfectant For the most part, we mean Bactericidal drug
Antibiotics are used only to treat bacterial infections. It cannot be used to treat other infectious diseases such as viral infections. Influenza, etc.
Antibiotics VS Antibiotics
Antibiotics and antibiotics are not the same, and antibiotics refer to drugs that reduce inflammation. It could be a steroid drug. Or not a steroid. But not any disinfectant
What kind of symptoms should I take antibiotics?
Common symptoms And often confused about whether to use antibiotics or not is a sore throat.
There are many symptoms of a sore throat. For several reasons And also comes from many types of infections, for example, if a sore throat, cough, runny nose, high fever, may be influenza. Which cannot be cured with antibiotics Because it is a sore throat that is not caused by bacteria

But if you have a sore throat and have a high fever Lymph nodes where the neck does not cough, or mucus can be a sore throat caused by a bacteria known as "strep." May need antibiotic treatment
Also in the same drug The dosage of the drug is also divided for each disease and individual symptoms, for example, for strep bacteria, a small amount must be taken. But for 10 days in a row, people who buy oral pills may take only 2-3 days and stop taking them when symptoms improve. Which is at risk of recurrence Or have side effects from infection Therefore, buying antibiotics to eat by yourself Therefore vulnerable to drug-resistant infections
The dangers of buying your own antibiotics
Some illness We may not know joker gaming what kind of infection it is. Buying anti-inflammatory drugs to eat all by themselves Therefore, it may be taking the wrong medicine, not the right person, and may also risk taking the wrong dose as well. Which in addition to not curing the symptoms of the disease, it may also lead to problems “Drug-resistant infection” that is dangerous to health in the future as well.