If your friends are wading tourists who are fascinated by the wondrous beauty of nature. You must not miss visiting the Pond of Five Colors or "Goshikinuma" in ***ushima Prefecture. Once in my life But if you want to speak truthfully This place is definitely not enough to go only once. Because the scenery you will see each time is almost the same! Let's get to know "Goshikinuma", a mysterious five-colored pond that goes once, never enough.
Goshikinuma Ponds is a name for a tourist spot located in ***ushima Prefecture. North of Tokyo in the Tohoku region. It consists of many beautiful ponds including Bishamonuma, Akanuma, Midoronuma, Tatsunuma, Bentenuma, Ruri. Numa (Rurinuma), Aonuma, and Yaginuma are also reviewed by the Michelin Green Guide in 2016.
The name Goshikinuma, or the five-colored pond, comes from the water in each pond, which is beautifully mixed with different colors. Available in emerald green, cobalt blue, turquoise blue, emerald blue and pastel blue. This makes it called "Mysterious Pond", especially Aonuma Pond. The colors are so beautiful that many people do not believe that those colors are naturally occurring. It is said that the different factors for the color of water are due to the seasonal climate, views and volcanic matter in the water. The colors may vary slightly depending on the season or the weather conditions of the day. Therefore, each visit here will get to see the different atmosphere and beauty. Going once is definitely not enough.
Besides admiring the beauty of various colors On the bog surface you can also enjoy paddle boats. Bishamonuma Pond It is the largest of all the marshes. Another activity that Japanese people enjoy is bird watching. Small birds can be seen in ทางเข้าซุปเปอร์สล็อต the nearby forest, after the end of winter the snow starts to melt and the trees begin to sprout again. When the leaves start to fall again, the weather is fine, not very cold, and the nature is very beautiful, but if you want to visit in winter, you can do so as well. You can walk through the pond and the beauty of nature during the snow. The atmosphere is quite romantic. But safety is the utmost consideration when traveling. Therefore it is recommended that if going to the snow You should wear anti-slip shoes and go with an experienced guide. As for the season that we would like to recommend to visit the most It is recommended as a spring. After the snow melts, the color of the marsh is especially beautiful. It is a pond that can enjoy its beauty in every season.