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    E-M5 and a Graveyard

    This is my first serious outing with the E-M5. My home town is about to put on a photo contest and the subject is a local tourist attraction, Myrtle Hill Cemetery. I am getting a good feel for the E-M5 and have breezed right through the menu like I have owned it for years.
    As far as handling goes it is much easier to use than the NEX 7. I think there has been an improvement in the dynamic range but still a long way to go. I had to stack ND grads at one point. But the sun wasn't diffused by any clouds so this sunset was a harsh as they come.
    The 12-50mm is nice and sharp but falls short of the 4/3rd 12-60mm lens. The first picture was taken with the 9-18mm.
    The focusing was really fast. I am very happy with that.
    I feel sure this is the best compact camera on the market. The Fuji may fair better but there is not a lot of lens selection with the Fuji.
    I'll probably give the E-M5 a review soon. All I have left to do is see how far I can push the ISO. But I think we all grade cameras to harshly with that. Dynamic range and color depth is just as important. My Sony a850 handles the dynamic range much better than the E-M5 and also has more color depth. Plus there no competing with a Carl Zeiss.

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    Re: E-M5 and a Graveyard

    Hi Greg:

    I like the first photo in particular.

    It sort of makes me feel that the graves placement (position),
    at the cemetery, perhaps were chosen by the person's loved ones,
    to assure that every morning's rising sun's warmth would touch their
    loved ones resting place.

    I like the mood...

    Thanks for sharing...


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