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    Your Photos in Kodak Ad - Press Release

    Kodak Invites the World Into a Commercial; Insert Your Photos Online and Make Them Part of a Kodak Ad

    ROCHESTER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 3, 2006--Now, you can be in pictures. Kodak invites you to join the millions of TV viewers who were captivated last year by an emotion-filled commercial in which countless photos were preserved and shared in an infinite "Kodak Gallery."

    Now, anyone can add their own photos to the very same Gallery, by visiting Kodak's website at

    Using an exclusive, free online tool, visitors to can import up to five of their digital pictures into Kodak's Gallery commercial, then view their own "edit" of the 60-second spot. You may then share the commercial with any number of e-mail recipients. Your personalized Gallery commercial - complete with music, scenes, and dialogue from the original TV commercial - will remain viewable via the email link for a minimum of 30 days.

    "We received hundreds of letters and e-mails after the Kodak Gallery spots aired last year," said Marianne Samenko, Director, Worldwide Brand Communications, and Vice President, Consumer Digital Group. "People told us how moved they were by the emotional pictures and stories in the spot, and how it really captured Kodak's ability to protect and share these images. We wanted to share the Gallery experience with them, and make it more personal by incorporating their own photos."

    How it works

    When you arrive at, the home page invites you to "add your pictures to our commercial." Using an easy-upload tool, you can select and add up to five digital pictures from your computer, then view the 60-second commercial online. Afterward, you are encouraged to share your Gallery spot with family and friends.

    You can "create" as many versions of your commercial as you wish, using a variety of your photos. After viewing the spot, you can opt to join the Kodak EasyShare Gallery - the web's premiere online image sharing and printing service - at no charge, just by clicking an online link.

    In the commercial, a guide helps a group of children explore the Kodak Gallery, a vast exhibition hall with countless pictures of great and everyday moments. The guide exhorts the children to hear the voices of the photos say: "Keep me. Protect me. Share me. And I will live forever."

    Samenko said OgilvyOne, the online arm of the Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency, worked with web developers at Kodak to create the online tool that generates the personalized Gallery commercials.

    "It's another example of Kodak's efforts to transform our brand through innovative marketing," she said. "It demonstrates that pictures deliver a powerful emotional impact, no matter what medium is used to share them."

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    Re: Your Photos in Kodak Ad - Press Release

    Great! One more chance for Kodak to further degrade the importance of copyright! Thanks Kodak. And you wonder why professionals have turned their backs on you.

    From somewhere on Colorado's Continental Divide...


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