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    X-Rite & GretagMacbeth i1 Color Management Solutions - Press Release

    X-Rite Combined GretagMacbeth i1-Family of Color Management
    Solutions Unveils Latest Products at PMA in Vegas

    Best of Two International Innovative Leaders in Digital Imaging Color Excellence Creates
    Seamless Color management For The Entire Creative Workflow At Booth B191

    GRAND RAPIDS, MI – February 27th, 2007 – X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader and internationally known name in color technology, unveils its dynamic X-Rite i1® family of color management solutions for a growing digital imaging market – including the launch of two RGB products, the colorimeter-driven X-Rite i1®DisplayLT for digital imaging enthusiasts and, for those who seek “monitor to print match” RGB workflow, the spectrophotometer-powered X-Rite i1®PhotoLT – at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA®) InternationalConvention Trade Show, March 8 – 11, 2007 in Las Vegas. Held at theConvention Center’s South Hall, PMA is billed as the world’s largest annual
    imaging event attended by more than 20,000 photographers and related
    professionals from around the globe.

    In addition, the media has two opportunities to preview the all-new X-Rite-i1 portfolio of color management solutions on March 7th “SNEAK PEEK,” from 12:00 noon – 3:00pm, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall( and “DIGITAL
    FOCUS,” from 7:00-10:00pm, at Treasure Island(

    According to X-Rite Vice President of Imaging and Media Iris Mangelschots, the All-New X–Rite-i1 family of color management products at Booth B191 at PMA'07 reflects the synergistic force of combining the considerable talents and technology of X-Rite and GretagMacBeth.

    “Our solutions at this year’s show are among the many innovations we anticipate stemming from the efforts of deeply experienced teams culled from two great color legacies. It’s appropriate that our combined core product lines – the X-Ritei1
    family – first target one of the fastest growing fields on the planet. We’ve developed this family to serve as exceptional platforms for delivering a standard for easy and precise color
    control into the hands of photographers, digital imaging professionals, and other creatives working in a digital environment at breakthrough price performance levels,”
    Mangelschots says.

    As the photo imaging industry blossoms into an $87 billion industry worldwide (source: PMA market research), photographers and other digital creatives need accurate, easy to use solutions that ensure color excellence regardless of the output. Enter the X-Rite-i1 ‘Family of Color Solutions,’ infused with features and functions from the best in the color business to form a simplified, upgradeable product line that grows with users’ digital workflow needs. PMA07 attendees have an opportunity to explore the All-New X-Rite
    color management suite of systems designed for smooth color management and control throughout the entire creative workflow–‘color the way you want it, where you want it.’

    Attendees can explore products that stem from two hardware options – the first developed for easy and accurate monitor calibration with the colorimeter-driven X-Rite i1Display products; or the X-Rite i1Photo product line, driven by the industry’s only true handheld spectro-powered, the Swiss-engineered X-Rite i1®PRO that offers fast and precise “all in one” color excellence throughout RGB or CMYK workflow.

    X-Rite i1Displays – Monitor Calibration Featuring Simple-to-use Affordability With
    Uncompromised Accuracy for On-screen Studio Quality

    Setting the stage for true-to-life colors from the start, the award-winning USB
    X-Rite i1Display colorimeter systems deliver an accurately profiled monitor
    with unrivaled controls for precise color in studio. The X-Rite i1DisplayLT, which debuts at this year’s show, makes easy work of color balancing monitors for digital imaging enthusiasts and serious photographers alike with a Wizard-driven user mode, and comes packaged within an X-Rite i1Display measurement device for fast and simple color reads.
    This Mac and Windows compatible emission-only colorimeter features an
    ambient measurement head and X-Rite i1Match software for monitors. Its
    control functionality includes Ambient Light Check and Match and the industry’s only Push Button Calibration (PBC), proprietary one-step profiling process for industry-leading monitors.

    A step-up for the pro-user, the X-Rite i1®Display2 offers both easy- and advance-mode Wizards. In addition to offering all the benefits of an X-Rite i1DisplayLT, the X-Rite i1Display2 features the advanced capabilities of Workgroup Match and Validation. The same colorimeter sensor delivers higher repeatability, faster measurements and higher sensitivity in the dark areas for better control in shadow detail and more neutral gray scale. The sensor’s lightweight, sleek design comes with a snap-on ambient
    light head that also acts as a dust protector. All in all, the X-Rite i1Display2 is designed to yield the best quality profiles in today’s RGB workflow.

    For the full i1Display product news release and for product images –

    “PRO” Powered True-To-Life Color Now Available In RGB or CYMK
    The X-Rite i1®Photo family provides all the tools necessary to implement an effective, predictable and accurate color-managed digital workflow in either RGB or CYMK production environments – from camera to display to final output. For those who need color
    accuracy in an RGB “monitor to print match” workflow, the company launches X-Rite i1PhotoLT.

    Powered by the industry’s only true handheld spectrophotometer, the Swiss-engineered X-Rite i1PRO, the X-Rite i1PhotoLT delivers color accuracy for CRT, LCD and laptop displays and can profile any inkjet, laserjet or photo printer that accepts RGB data. This all-new hardware/ software package is Mac and Windows compatible. It offers core ICC profiling components, delivering excellent RGB performance at a breakthrough price point. An excellent entry level for the digital imaging enthusiast, the X-Rite i1PhotoLT is extremely upgradeable, effortlessly accommodating more critical color performance as needs grow. Simple access software codes allow users to expand to full RGB – with additional access to larger testcharts or full CMYK testchart technology for increased
    color management capabilities. Also, users can upgrade the entry-level system via access codes for profiling scanners, digital cameras, or projectors.

    For the full X-Rite i1-LT product news release and product images –

    Photographers and digital imaging professionals working with specific media will find an X-Rite i1Photo bundle suited for them as well. Highlighted in booth B191:

    • The X-Rite i1®Photo*- Leveraging the power of the Swiss-engineered i1PRO, the X-Rite
      i1Photo provides all the tools to implement a complete color-precise digital RGB workflow, including the ability to calibrate all types of monitors and profile scanners, digital cameras and digital projectors. Its revolutionary ambient light head also allows the capture of natural lighting conditions. The X-Rite i1Photo comes complete with full RGB testchart
      technology plus a quick method of creating small testchart CMYK (Easy) profiles for
      in-house comps in a snap. Ultra upgradeable to full CMYK test chart technology via easy access codes.
    • The X-Rite i1®PhotoSG** –all the benefits of the i1Photo including the XRite Digital ColorChecker Semi-Gloss(SG) chart for profiling the digital cameraenvironment.
    • UV Filter bundles also available:
    • *The X-Rite i1Photo with UV Filter
    • **The X-Rite i1PhotoSG with UV Filter

    Accurate Color and Display to Presentation Screen
    Also highlighted at this year’s show, The X-Rite i1® Beamerfeatures the spectro-driven X-Rite i1Pro and holder, and is packaged with the exceptional Beamer i1Match software. Thisstand-alone bundle was developed for those that need a userfriendly portable solution to calibrate and profile both digital projectors and all types of monitors for ensured color accuracy from display to presentation screen. Comes bundled with alli1Photo Pro products.

    For the full X-Rite i1Photo product news release and product images –

    New Standards in Automated Test Chart Reading
    Attendees get to learn about new levels of automation for ultra-fasttest chart reading at this year’s show as well. The X-Rite i1®-iOAutomated Scanning Table sets a new industry standard for color quality by providing existing i1PRO users with an easy method to automate their digital workflow. It combines with the industry’sonly true handheld spectrophotometer, the X-Rite i1PRO, for the fastest measurements for reflective test charts as well as an array of monitors, scanners, projectors and printers, at an incredible price point. It is the only device on the market capable of reading substrates with unlimited thickness up to 10mm.

    For those who need to measure color in reflection charts only, the XRitei1®-iSis delivers unparalleled ease of use with capabilities that eliminate the most time-consuming tasks of cutting charts and feeding multiple pages. The X-Rite i1-iSis delivers fast and accurate measurements for reflective test charts on substrates that fall within the thickness range of .08 to .45 mm, such as inkjet, copier, coated and uncoated paper.

    For the full X-Rite X-Rite i1-iO and i1-iSis product news release and product images –

    True Color Balance of Any Rendition System, Easily and Accurately

    Imagine a totally non-subjective method of confirming the true color balance of any color rendition system. PMA07 attendees can explore first-hand just such abilities. The X-Rite ColorChecker product line features scientifically prepared methods of ensuring a color match under any illumination and with any color reproduction system. Highlighted at this year’ show:The X-Rite ColorChecker Chart, X-Rite ColorChecker Mini Card, X-Rite Digital ColorChecker Semi Gloss (SG), X-Rite ColorChecker Three-Step Gray Scale Card, X-Rite ColorChecker Mini Gray BalanceCard, ColorChecker White Balance Card, and Color Checker Mini White Balance Card.

    For the full X-Rite ColorChecker Family product news release and images:

    “The All-New X-Rite-i1 portfolio is designed to take the worry out of photographic work, giving users more time to create. With these color management tools, photographers at all levels as well as digital imaging enthusiasts and professionals alike, know they can count on exquisite color in every medium,” Mangelschots adds.

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    Re: X-Rite & GretagMacbeth i1 Color Management Solutions - Press Release

    I just bought the Geetag Macbeth i1 Display 2 at Focus on Imaging last weekend !

    Scroll down to the Sports Forum and post your sports pictures !

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