Press release 22 March 2006

ViewMinder, for image management and archiving, enters version 2.20 at the
end of March, the fourth program update in 6 months.

"We're still learning to exploit the advantages of a relational database,"
says Pat Humphreys, head of Cambridge-based ViewMinder Ltd. "There's no one
we can copy because no other consumer program has this feature."

Instead of describing images with a string of keywords, ViewMinder lets the
user add people, events, locations and things individually. This "metadata
tree" has remained unchanged since version 1, but new and faster ways have
been developed to write and display the information.

Version 2.2 makes it possible to sort and browse images by author and
country, as well as date and theme. "You see author tracking in programs for
business use but it's great for everyone," Humphreys says. "A collection is
much more fun when it contains the whole family's photos."

Other recent innovations are ViewMinder's space-saving layout with image
preview inside the thumbnail tray, an export wizard that can resize, rename
and convert images on the fly, and a zipped transfer format that combines
metadata and images.

Ordered from ViewMinder's web site the program costs
64.95 dollars, 54.50 euros or 37.50 pounds. The price includes all new
versions for the next 12 months.

The trial version, of ViewMinder, free from or Tucows, has all
the same features but is restricted in the number of images it can import,