Received in email from HP recently.

Digital Camera magazine’s prestigious Photographer of the Year competition is now open for entries with a colossal cash prize of 15,000! There are 10 creative and diverse categories and you can enter up to five pictures in each category. All categories are open for entries until July.

Category list:

An interesting approach to editing of digital images, quite fair I think. And surprising (I underlined a few).

5. Image editing
You may use image enhancement and manipulation to optimise an entry into the competition, although you are not allowed to add or remove significant elements. To clarify:

* Adjustments to colour, contrast, saturation, levels and curves and sharpening are expected.
* Cropping is allowed, as is stitching to create panoramic images.
* Cloning should be limited to general cleaning work - no significant elements of a composition should be removed or added.
* Dodging and burning is permitted.
* Perspective adjustments to correct for lens distortions are allowed.

Where appropriate, original files may be requested if a photograph reaches the shortlist of photographs selected by the independent panel of judges.