Photographers Teach On Location in 19 Cities Around the Country

February 7, 2007, Commack, NY— If you want to know what makes Tamron’s Photo Workshops such a fantastically enjoyable learning, picture-taking, and human experience, just ask the people who’ve done it—not just the participants, but the teachers as well. We know you’ll want to read their enthusiastic and insightful comments and impressions below, but before you do, let’s tell you a little more about this incredible series of events scheduled from spring to fall at cities all over the USA.

Tamron Photo Workshops, co-sponsored by Bogen Imaging, Expoimaging, Fujifilm and hosted by leading local photo retailers, are hands-on, in-the-field photo workshops led by esteemed professional photographers including Angela Carson, Don Gale, Terry Livingstone, Sandra Nykerk, Judith Pishnery, and Lee Voorhis (you can click on their incredible websites from the workshop schedule posted at www.tamron.com). All of them have long track records not only as top pros, but also as great teachers. Each weekend event includes a Friday evening photo seminar and a full day Saturday workshop in the field, and admission fees and transportation where applicable. In addition you’ll have access to loaner lenses, cameras and tripods to enhance your picture-taking experience, and receive exclusive bonus rebates on equipment plus a $20 Gift Card. The modest $119 per person cost includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or snacks, and there’ll be raffle prizes and giveaways!

To give you a clearer picture of the kind of dedicated and committed photographers who lead Tamron Photo Workshops and how they see their role as photographers and teachers, we interviewed two of the top people now leading the 2007 Tamron Workshop series so they can tell you in their own well-chosen words.

Sandra Nykerk

“Teaching really excites me and I guess that’s why I’ve been doing it since 1985. I live on the border of Yellowstone and I shoot lots of nature, landscapes, and wildlife. Essentially I shoot what sells, and when art sells what a wonderful day is that! An example: Lately I’ve been shooting more abstract images and some of them have sold pretty well. However, while results are important, photography is all about process and that’s what I teach my students. One of my main lessons: Use a tripod; it will not only get you sharp, professional quality images, it also slows you down and encourages you to compose instead of snapshooting. It’s kind of a Zen thing, but when I use my Bogen tripod I know I’m more likely to create a work of art.”

“Another thing I try to do is to create an environment for seeing pictures more effectively. You can’t really state a formula for seeing because everyone sees differently, but you can help people get to a place where they are more open to their own creative vision. I think the biggest mistake made by many photographers is not getting close enough so I’m always telling my workshop students to get closer and fill the frame. I’m also big on ethics—the philosophical big picture or context in which images are made, and the cultural role of images in society. One of my cardinal rules: Never feed wild animals because a fed animal is a dead animal.”

“I’ve used other SLR brands but right now I’m primarily a Canon shooter. However, I rely on several Tamron lenses. My personal favorites are the 28-200mm and 18-200mm Tamron, both of which are outstanding. I know it’s kind of a cliché but I am really energized by teaching and I know I get as much back from my students as they get from me. Many people on these workshops are technically adept too, and I’ve learned a lot from them. In short, teaching keeps me challenged and up to date as well as enthusiastic and inspired. At the end of a workshop I’m exhausted, but I’m really jazzed. It’s a fantastic experience and I’m happy that many of my students have told me they feel the same way.”

Don Gale

“On the commercial side, I run Gale Studio of L.A. I guess you could say I’m a Jack-of-all-trades, shooting weddings, portraits, and product illustrations. When I put on my workshop instructor hat I turn to my more creative side, where I specialize in nature and landscapes. I’ve been a pro since 1969 and a member of the WPPI, the wedding photographer’s organization, since 1974. However, I now spend most of my time flying around the country doing workshops for Tamron and conducting seminars for major photo retailers. Frankly, it’s a lot of fun taking 30-50 people on an all-day location shoot at a botanical garden or wildlife sanctuary, and everyone, including me, learns a lot in the process.”

“The things I like most about being involved with the Tamron workshops are the feedback and the enthusiasm. I love what I’m doing because I’m working with people who are all here for one basic reason—a love of photography—so they’re bound to have a good time. I discovered my love of teaching quite by accident. Many years ago in Yellowstone I was shooting a landscape using a long lens and a heavy-duty tripod. Pretty soon a sizeable crowd gathered around me and started firing questions. Before I knew it I was giving an impromptu seminar—and it felt great! In my workshops I strive to develop people’s ability to judge the light and compose pictures on the fly. Oh, I cover the fundamentals like f/stops, shutter speeds, and white balance, but the real joy is in opening peoples’ eyes and getting good feedback. I even showed one group how to get great winter pictures in Yosemite in overcast light when there was no snow cover. Macro photography is another passion of mine, and I’m a big fan of the Tamron 90 and 180mm macro lenses—and also showing my students how to get the most out of them.”

With instructors of this caliber, it’s no wonder that so many Tamron Photo Workshop participants come back again and again! Here, in brief, are the unsolicited comments we received from some of last year’s attendees:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop at Longwood Gardens. I got some great photographs and learned a lot from the experience.”

“Thanks for organizing such an incredible workshop! I know you said it is part of your job, but it really was wonderful and I enjoyed myself and learned so much. You went above and beyond what I expected!”

“I cannot even begin to thank you and your ‘gang’ enough for the wonderful time we had at your workshop! To have an entire weekend to ‘play’ and enjoy was just fantastic. The knowledge and time that we all shared were beyond what we ever dreamt! The slide show on Friday evening was breathtakingly awesome….each part of the workshop was just terrific!”

Inspired? Then what are you waiting for?! Space is strictly limited so sign up today by calling 1-800-827-8880 Extension 411 to register. Details for each individual workshop can be found by clicking on “events, contests and workshops” in the navigation bar at www.tamron.com.

Check Out Locations
Scheduled for 2007

City Dates Instructor Hosting Retail Partner
Amityville, NY Apr 13-14 Terry Livingstone Berger Bros. Camera Exchange
Tampa, FL Apr 20-21 Les Voorhis North Tampa Photo
Metairie, LA May 11-12 Don Gale Bennett's Camera
Austin, TX May 11-12 Angela Carson Precision Camera & Video
New York/LI, NY Jun 8-9 Judith Pishnery Camera Land, Inc
Nashville, TN Jul 6-7 Judith Pishnery Dury's
Nashville, TN Jul 6-7 Judith Pishnery Dury's
Tacoma, WA Jul 13-14 Sandra Nykerk Robi's Camera Center
Columbus, OH Jul 20-21 Terry Livingstone Cord Camera
San Diego, CA Jul 27-28 Les Voorhis Nelson Photo Supplies
Milford, CT Aug 3-4 Les Voorhis Milford Photo
Southampton, PA Aug 10-11 Don Gale New York Camera & Video
Milwaukee, WI Aug 17-18 Don Gale Mike Crivello's World of Cameras
Palo Alto, CA Aug 24-25 Terry Livingstone Keeble & Shuchat Photography
Santa Barbara, CA Sep 7-8 Don Gale Samy's Camera
Sioux Falls, SD Sep 14-15 Les Voorhis Harold's Photo Centers
Boulder, CO Sep 14-15 Sandra Nykerk Mike's Camera
Chicago, IL Sep 21-22 Les Voorhis Helix Camera & Video
Minneapolis, MN Sep 28-29 Don Gale National Camera
Beltsville, MD Oct 12-13 Don Gale Penn Camera