Spitfire Photo Pro Offers Integrated Print Fulfillment and Introduces SpitfirePrints™
New, affordable options for e-commerce-enabled photo databases

SAN FRANCISCO, October. 4, 2006. - Virtual Moment, LLC announced today the expansion of the Spitfire Photo Pro image management system to include a flexible new store front for selling photos online. This new feature includes integration with a partner print lab to offer a wide range of professional quality prints and photo merchandise. In addition, photographers can choose to self-fulfill orders for added control over product offerings.

“Our integrated fulfillment option adds one more level of automation to the normally tedious and time-consuming workflow tasks that photographers face,” said Jody Vandergriff, Co-founder of Spitfire Photo Pro. “By choosing to sell through our pro lab services, photographers can rely completely on us to print, pack, and ship.”

The new store front also offers unmatched flexibility in selecting products and setting prices, choosing how payments are handled, selling digital downloads and incorporating one’s own branding. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with Spitfire Photo Pro’s client management and access control system to support diverse workflows such as granting clients access to original high-resolution files, while selling event or stock imagery to others. With Spitfire Photo, a photographer can manage their images, clients, downloads, and now sales all from one, versatile system.

Additionally, Spitfire Photo Pro has introduced SpitfirePrints™, a new subscription option specifically designed for online sales. Offering a powerful set of features such as keywording tools, IPTC support, lightboxes, and advanced search technology, SpitfirePrints™ provides integrated cutting-edge technologies with a complete e-commerce store front, starting at only $99 per year.

“This new, alternative subscription option bundles the features most important to event photographers: a flexible, e-commerce-enabled website powered by a robust, searchable database. We are happy to be able to offer this technology to a new group of photographers,” said Steven Rabkin, President and Co-founder of Spitfire Photo Pro.

Spitfire Photo Pro is available for a low subscription fee with no contracts or obligations at http://www.spitfirephoto.com.

About Virtual Moment, LLC
Virtual Moment is committed to delivering cutting edge technology solutions for digital media management. Offering both custom solutions and the Spitfire Photo online image management service, Virtual Moment strives to simplify and optimize digital photography workflows while maximizing your online visibility.

Contact: Jody Vandergriff, VP Marketing and Sales, Virtual Moment, LLC, 415-341-8099 or jvandergriff@spitfirephoto.com