SoundPix Awarded Patent for Its All-in-One-JPEG Sound Capture Technology; All-in-One-JPEG Technology Poised to Become Standard in Audio-Imaging

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 20, 2005--SoundPix Inc., a developer of audio-imaging software solutions for digital cameras, cameraphones, smartphones, desktop computers, and web-server environments, has announced the award of a patent (US) covering its All-in-One-JPEG(TM) sound capture and integration technology.

The products derived from this compelling new technology enable users to capture images; integrate text, music and voice annotations with them; and share the resulting "sound pictures" or "soundpix" via email, conventional file sharing methods, beaming between devices, MMS or posting to the web. The unique and innovative aspect of SoundPix's technology is that the sound (or other data) is encoded directly into the JPEG file along with the image data, which eliminates the need to create, manage, transmit and assemble multiple files.

SoundPix has built a suite of software solutions that utilize the All-in-One-JPEG technology: SoundPix Embedded (for DSP chips, digital cameras and software applications), SoundPix Plus 2.0 (for the desktop), SoundPix Mobile (mobile phones, palm devices), and SoundPix Web (for web-server environments).

The Company is currently the only provider of solutions which span and are inter-operable across the full range of image capture devices (digital cameras, camera phones, smart phones), image editing platforms (desktop and handheld clients) and communications mediums (the internet and mobile phone networks).

"SoundPix products provide users a simple, seamless audio-imaging experience from capture in a digital camera or cameraphone, to uploading and manipulating on the desktop, to sharing via the Web," says SoundPix CEO Eric Severance. "Now, with a foundation of a patent and extensive IP, we can extend the benefits of the All-in-One-JPEG(TM) approach to our network of partners who can integrate SoundPix technology into their own familiar products and services and, by leveraging the exclusivity provided by the patent, differentiate themselves from their competitors."

The Company is partnering with digital imaging industry leaders -- including Texas Instruments, dotPhoto, Zio, Motorola, Verizon -- to bring to market third-party products based on the All-in-One-JPEG(TM) technology.

About SoundPix

SoundPix brings pictures to life with sound! SoundPix enables users to easily and reliably enrich digital still images with sound, adding a compelling new sensory dimension to digital image creation, editing and sharing. SoundPix has developed the first audio-imaging solution that encompasses the entire image life-cycle experience: from image capture (in cameras and wireless devices), to editing on the desktop, to sharing over the Internet or wireless networks. Incorporating its acclaimed, patented All-in-One-JPEG(TM) technology, SoundPix offers a suite of software solutions, including: SoundPix Embedded (for capture devices), SoundPix Mobile (for camera phones, PDA's, etc.), SoundPix Plus 2.0 (desktop application), SoundPix Web Editions (web-server solutions), and other tools for independent software vendors (ISVs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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