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    Sigma - SD14 - Flash News and Web Link

    Sigma Corporation posted this link August 29th, 2006 on their web site:

    Sigma SD14

    Tantalizing and at Photokina the news will be revealed. Press releases as of this date only include this information. More information will be posted as available from reliable sources.

    Sigma Corporation Home
    CDPrice 'drg'
    Biography and Contributor's Page

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    Re: Sigma - SD14 - Flash News and Web Link

    Very exciting. Can't wait to see what they've got. Of course, the image quality wasn't an issue with the SD10. And I'm sure the image quality of the new camera will be wonderful. But the body - that's the key for Sigma. They have to give us something better than that brick.

    It still got a Choice Award here, though.

    Crossing my fingers...

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    Re: Sigma - SD14 - Flash News and Web Link

    Thanks drg. Great linkI'm a big Sigma fan.I don't know why....J.K.

    I like your work with the SD-10. I have a Sigma 10-20mm I can't wait to try out.

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