SendPhotos Launches Lifetime Photos Automatic Photo Backup: Effortless and Reliable Way to Protect Photo Memories

BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 15, 2006--SendPhotos' latest software release, LifeTime Photos Backup, offers consumers completely automatic and permanent digital photo backup to its digital vault and photo sharing portal. Photo backup now requires no time or effort, is protected off-site in a world-class data storage facility, and integrates with a powerful photo-sharing internet portal.

SendPhotos, Inc. ( launches this free User Interface software product to endow consumers with a superior alternative to backing up photo files to any media. Users install the free program on as many PCs as they wish and set the automatic backup. LifeTime Photos Backup uploads all photo files (in JPEG format) to a safe online vault with the ability to recognize renamed/altered files, duplicate files, and even separate profiles for individual PCs sharing the same online account. Users pay only a monthly storage fee starting at $2.99/month for the space they use on SendPhotos' ultra-secure servers.

Once securely stored online, users have unlimited access to their photo collection from any web-enabled PC in the world. So, in addition to saving users the time and effort, LifeTime Photos presents the security and tools to share picture memories with current and future generations.

"We recognized that most popular online photo sharing sites offer storage only as means to generate revenue through prints and photo gifts." says CEO Mike Kronenberg. "We care for your memories therefore we combine the advantages of permanent and automated online backups with the advantages of photo sharing platforms. Our first priority is the safety and longevity of your photos, and then we add all of the tools to enjoy and share them, too."

SendPhotos, Inc. additionally announces the ability to private brand the LifeTime Photos Backup software and LifeTime Photos web-based service to the commercial market. SendPhotos can personalize its web interface to integrate with the sites of reselling partners. Interested clients may contact Mr. Matt Diehl directly at 303-938-0100 x103 or for more information.

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