Scrapblog Launches World's First Online Scrapbooking Service; Surpasses Photo-Sharing Sites by Enabling Users to Personalize Online Photo Albums with Artwork, Graphics, Themes and Blogging

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 21, 2006--Scrapblog, LLC, today launched the first online application that goes beyond the status quo of online photo-sharing sites to incorporate the tradition and storytelling capability of scrapbooking and the power of blogging, unrivaled in its ability to convey thought, mood and emotion.

Designed to offer more creativity and interaction than photo-sharing sites, is a free service developed for parents, grandparents, students, newlyweds, vacationers, sports fans and anyone interested in sharing life's memories and experiences with friends and family in real-time. Users can easily upload, move, rotate and resize images on a page, and group and decorate photos and pages to create online scrapbooks for individual events. Users can also tag their photos by using keywords, making them easier to find and share. Blogging capabilities enable visitors to post comments on Scrapblogs for others to see.

Scrapbloggers can start with a blank page, select a theme or mix-and-match elements from several themes to create their Scrapblogs. They can further personalize their Scrapblogs with a variety of stickers, background designs, shapes, frames and comments. Each Scrapblog has a unique URL, which users can share through Real Simple Syndication (RSS) and email notifications, or keep private for viewing by invitation only.

"We've created a service which breaks through the limitations of current photo-sharing Web sites," said Carlos Garcia, CEO. "Scrapblog enables people to personalize and categorize their digital photos to creatively tell the stories of their lives, bridging the distance between people by making it possible to share important memories with more emotion than photo-sharing sites and blogs can convey."

Scrapbloggers can contribute creative content for other users or borrow designs from other users. Every subscriber is qualified to submit content, regardless of their technical knowledge, and a monthly design contest will offer $1,000 to the designer who contributes the best design. A $1,000 prize will also be given monthly to a lottery winner, taken from the group of total design contributors for that month. Designs will be accepted starting March 21, 2006, and the first winner will be awarded April 30, 2006.

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About Scrapblog, LLC

Privately held Scrapblog, LLC, based in Miami, Florida, is a leading provider of Internet services. The company targets both novice and experienced Internet users with, the world's first online scrapbooking service. Scrapblog goes beyond traditional photo-sharing sites, offering a more interactive online community, with the capability to add themes, stickers, graphics and blogging. Scrapblog's management team is committed to creating interactive Web applications that contribute to the development of the Internet.

Scrapblog is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nobox Marketing Group, Inc. (, an award-winning interactive marketing agency that develops Internet marketing strategies for companies like Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Verizon Wireless and Procter & Gamble. For more information, please visit Scrapblog's Web site at

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