Digitaltruth Photo is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new
b/w print developer: Print-So-Fine

Print-So-Fine is a warm-tone print developer which offers extended tonal separation. Images developed in Print-So-Fine typically show a one half to one full grade reduction in contrast, but without loss of density in the shadows. In a side-by-side comparison with a standard print developer, Print-So-Fine displays far greater mid-tone separation, rendering full blacks and clean whites.

Print-So-Fine is designed to produce a classic image tone on modern RC and FB photographic paper. Development times vary from 2-5 minutes, allowing for optimum print control when speed is not essential. The developer is supplied in powder form and is lightweight and suitable for worldwide shipping. The powder is easily dissolved into a stock solution which offers excellent economy and shelf life.

We are offering special pricing for this week only for all customers who pre-order Print-So-Fine prior to the official launch date of February 1st.

For more information please visit the Digitaltruth Photo web site: