Lexar Media Announces World’s Highest Capacity Memory
Card with 8GB CompactFlash

Lexar Doubles the Highest Capacity of CompactFlash, Allowing Professional Photographers to Shoot and
Store Over 1,000 High-Resolution RAW Image Files on One Memory Card

Las Vegas, February 12, 2004 (PMA Booth H100) -- Lexar Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: LEXR),
a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance digital media and accessories,
today announced its 8GB Professional Series CompactFlashä card, the highest capacity
memory card available in the world today. In addition to delivering extraordinary capacity in
a matchbook-sized memory card, Lexar’s new 8GB CompactFlash card delivers a 40X
speed-rating, signifying a minimum sustained write speed capability of 6MB/s. By
maintaining a close alignment with manufacturers who offer high-end digital cameras that
create high-resolution files - which can be over 8MB each, Lexar’s new 8GB memory card
meets the needs of professional photographers who require capacity, speed and reliability - in an easy-to-handle removable media format.

“Sports photographers, photojournalists and adventure photographers often lack the time
and ability to change memory cards, as doing so might mean missing the action or actually putting themselves in physical danger,” said John Omvik, Director of Professional Products Marketing, Lexar Media. “8 gigabytes of space allows these photographers to shoot continuously, even in remote, extreme or hectic situations, where it is difficult to change memory cards.”

“Just as new digital SLR cameras come to market with both larger image sensors and
capability of faster throughput to storage devices, Lexar’s new 40X 8 gigabyte card is
perfectly timed for today’s shooting demands,” said Denis Reggie, renowned wedding
photojournalism pioneer. “With this new card, I can quickly and reliably store one thousand
or more full-resolution RAW images -- and that’s welcome news for me and many other pro
photographers who don’t want to miss key moments while changing cards.”

In addition to delivering the world’s highest memory card capacity, Lexar’s new 8GB
CompactFlash cards deliver high-speed performance, and incorporate Lexar’s new Write
Acceleration (WA) technology to provide increased in-camera speed performance in high-resolution CF cameras on the market. The new Write Acceleration includes optimized
firmware to reduce overhead associated with transferring data, and provides a larger
controller buffer to accommodate transferring up to 32 sectors of data in one command, in
cameras supporting this feature. Lexar Media’s 8GB CF cards will also include a free copy
of the company’s award-winning Image Rescue 2.0ä image recovery software.

Like Lexar’s 4GB CompactFlash card, the 8GB card is CompactFlash Type II and requires
the host camera to support the FAT 32 file system.

The new 8GB CompactFlash cards will be available at many photo specialty stores in May of this year. The cards include a lifetime warranty, unlimited access to Lexar Media’s dedicated technical support team for professional photographers, and a free trial version of Photo Mechanica image management software. Pricing for the 8GB card will be released at time of shipment.

For more information, please visit www.lexarmedia.com