Capture One 4
Next generation of RAW workflow from Phase One

September 26th, 2006, Photokina, Cologne, Germany:
Phase One®, the world leader in professional digital imaging solutions, announces the next generation of their RAW workflow software, Capture One® 4.

Clear-cut RAW workflow aimed at professional use
Capture One 4 is Phase One’s new generation of RAW workflow software for professional photographers.

Trine Voss, VP Sales & Marketing for the Capture One product line says: “Phase One’s many years of experience with professional photography has taught us three things: Professional photographers want quality, speed and simplicity and they are not willing to compromise. Phase One has together with a range of renowned camera manufacturers and software companies put RAW conversion on the photographic agenda and it is now our responsibility to take this technology to the next level”.

Capture One 4 is Phase One’s move into the next generation of RAW workflow software and although Phase One is not willing to reveal all details about Capture One 4 yet, they can promise that the new generation of Capture One RAW software will be focused on professional photographic requirements and will include the following:

1. Best in class image quality
Enhanced RAW processing algorithms to ensure “best in class” image quality. Combine this with unmatched color management workflow including camera profiles tailored for every camera or RAW file supported in Capture One 4 and output profiles to meet professional photographic work requirements.

2. 300% speed increase

No less than a 300% performance increase to ensure fast image processing, instant preview generation and immediate response on adjustment and editing tools. The aim with Capture One 4 is to provide professional photographers with the fastest and most efficient RAW processing with the best output quality.

3. Redesigned user interface

Brand new and completely redesigned user interface which is more intuitive to work with ‘out of the box’ and at the same time can be tailored to meet individual requirements. Capture One 4 will be a true cross platform workflow with 100% tool consistency, identical feature set as well as image settings and session sharing between Mac and Windows.

4. New tool and enhancements
New tools to further enhance flexibility such as image importer, undo/redo on all tools and full DNG support. All existing tools will be optimized for more intuitive use, additional functionality better performance.

5. Frequent RAW file support and digital back enhancements
Time to market is essential for professional photographers. To meet this request Phase One will make new updates including new RAW files and/or tethered camera support as well as Phase One digital back enhancements available at every 1-2 months.

6. Architecture designed future high resolution cameras
The architecture of Capture One 4 has been designed and optimized in terms of speed, tool performance and output quality to handle the next generations of high resolution digital cameras (50+ mega pixel).

Strong focus on core capabilities and 3rd party integration
“We believe that all professional photographers will benefit from working with Capture One because of its uniqueness and professional photographic edge which cannot be matched by another workflow. Capture One guarantees photographers the best capture workflow, color accuracy and output quality. By the end of the day, it is such core capabilities that make the difference between world class photography and mainstream photography. Therefore, Phase One will continue to focus on Capture One’s core capabilities instead of for instance creating a full end to end workflow” says Trine Voss.

Phase One realizes the need for deeper integration between Capture One 4 and other
workflows such as iView® MediaPro, Adobe®’s Lightroom and Apple®’s Aperture. Therefore,
Capture One 4 will support Adobe DNG and XMP formats.

Capture One 4 sneak peak at Photokina

Phase One welcomes all photographers and journalists for a Capture One 4 sneak peak at Photokina in Hall 4.1 G030/F031 or Hall 5.1 B022/C029.

Capture One 4 launch dates
Phase One will launch Capture One 4 LE in the beginning of 2007 and Capture One 4 PRO will launch at the end of quarter 2, 2007.

Prices and availability

Capture One is available through Phase One’s world wide network of resellers and through the Phase One on-line store at Customers who purchase Capture One now will get Capture One 4 as part of their purchase as Capture One LE comes with a free update and Capture One PRO comes with 2 free updates.

At the moment, the SanDisk® Corporation, the world’s largest supplier of flash storage card products, includes a full version of Capture One LE for FREE as part of a SanDisk CompactFlash® Extreme III card purchase. Read more at or contact your SanDisk reseller to learn more about this opportunity.

For more details, please call either of the contact persons or visit the Phase One website at