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    Pentax Optio W10 Underwater Digital Camera - Press Release


    High waterproof performance without additional housing
    The Optio W10 offers JIS class 8 waterproof performance to withstand up to 30 minutes of continuous operation at an underwater depth up to five (1.5 meters). The Optio W10 conforms to Class 5 dustproof performance of category 2 (machines produced to prevent internal changes in atmospheric pressure). This performance makes ideal for outdoor activity sports and outdoor events. Waterproof performance also allows users to rinse the camera off any time.

    2.5 inch LCD monitor with superb visibility outdoors
    The Optio W10 comes with a 2.5 inch low-reflection LCD monitor. The LCD cover is finished with a non-glare coating, making the screen easier to see even outside on a sunny day. The LCD backlighting mechanism features a brightness adjustment as well as a Power Saving mode, which automatically reduces the backlight intensity to preserve battery life.

    High-quality movie recording
    The Optio W10 smoothly captures movies at 30 fps (frames per second) at sizes up to 640 ´ 480 pixels with image quality rivaling camcorders. Furthermore, switching on the newly added movie anti-shake function* automatically compensates for camera shake while recording movies. (The anti-shake function can be switched on or off.)
    * Using the movie Shake Reduction feature results in a narrower field of view than during normal recording.

    Face Recognition AF/AE -- a new technology that adjusts focus and exposure for portraits
    The Optio W10 is equipped with Face Recognition AF/AE, a new technology that detects faces and automatically adjusts the focus and corrects the exposure to suit. When the camera’s shooting mode is set to one of Portrait, Self-Portrait, or Natural Skin Tone, this feature will detect and focus on a person’s face anywhere in the picture frame. This technology is particularly effective at preventing “dropout” photos, where the camera focuses on the background and not on the person when taking commemorative or other valuable photos. At the same time, this feature automatically corrects the exposure so the face is properly exposed even in lighting situations where the brightness of the person and the background are drastically different, such as when a person is under a spotlight or on a strongly backlit stage.

    Continuous AF and tracking AF
    Continuous AF* or tracking AF** are activated automatically upon selection of Sport, Pet or Kids modes – allowing the camera to track a moving subject within the frame and maintain accurate focus accordingly.
    * For focus on stationary subjects, the shutter release button is depressed halfway to drive the lens to focus lock. Continuous AF, on the other hand, allows the lens to be driven constantly to ensure swift, precise focus as soon as the shutter release button is depressed halfway.
    ** Tracking AF continually detects both horizontal and vertical movement of the main subject to ensure sharp focus at the desired moment. Confirmation of the focus area can be done on the focus frame on the LCD monitor.

    High-sensitivity shooting
    The Optio W10 supports high-sensitivity shooting* at standard output sensitivity 800 (sensitivity is selectable). This enables fast shutter speeds for crisp, sharp shots with minimal blurring even in dark conditions or with moving subjects.
    * The camera supports sensitivities up to Standard output sensitivity 800 with sensitivity set to Auto and either Candlelight mode or Report mode selected. The recording size with Report mode selected, however, is fixed at 1280 ´ 960 pixels.

    Super image quality from the 3X optical zoom lens and 6.0 effective megapixels
    The Optio W10 includes a 3X optical zoom lens that covers focal lengths from 6.3 to 18.9 mm (equivalent to 38 to 114 mm for 35mm film) and features a “folding” optical system so the lens never protrudes from the camera while zooming. Optical components have been redesigned for higher resolution, delivering advanced image quality that takes full advantage of the raw power of 6.0 effective megapixels.

    Simplified operations with the Mode Palette
    Selection of shooting and playback modes is made much easier with the Mode Palette, PENTAX’s original mode selection function that lists mode icons on the LCD monitor. By arranging 25 shooting modes and 15 playback modes, the Mode Palette speeds up mode selection with its straightforward display. Pressing the green button while in the Mode Palette activates a guide function, which displays explanations of each mode.

    Green button for immediate setup screen access
    The Option W10 includes a green button that immediately calls up the setup screen for settings such as exposure correction and sensitivity. Users may assign frequently used functions to the green button to speed up setups when shooting. Up to four functions* can be assigned. Initially, the Green mode is pre-assigned to the green button (the three other functions are not assigned).
    * Functions that can be assigned to the Green button: Green mode, recording size, image quality, white balance, AF area, focus limit, sensitivity, exposure compensation, sharpness, saturation, contrast, and off.

    Green mode for easy camera-controlled shooting
    The camera features a Green mode, which simplifies picture taking by letting the camera control detailed settings. Since a simple press of the green button activates the Green mode,* even beginning photographers can enjoy taking pictures with ease. The Green mode resets the shooting menu, setup menu, and other settings to their defaults and locks the menu and mode buttons and other controls so you don’t have to worry about unintentionally changing the settings. This mode comes in handy when asking someone else to take your picture.
    *Available when the Green mode is assigned to the green button.

    Slim body with a flat design
    The slim, flat body design of the Optio W10 allows it to be easily retrieved from pockets, bags, and cases. The camera’s grip is fashioned with a finger-rest in the shape of a water droplet for better portability. An aluminum alloy is employed for the front panel, producing a high-grade sensibility. The rounded form also gives the camera a friendly impression.

    Other features:
    • Ready to shoot just 0.6 seconds after the power is turned on
    • Real-time display of “washed out” and “blacked out” areas
    • Image Recovery function lets you retrieve accidentally erased pictures
    • Picture Voice function can record sounds before and after taking a picture
    • Macro mode allows close-up photography as near as 1 cm
    • Frame composite function allows you, either when shooting or after shooting, to add a decorative frame that is printed around the image
    • Soft flash function avoids overexposure during close-up flash photography
    • Up to 4X digital zooming
    • Three color modes (full-color, B&W, sepia) for versatile movie recording
    • “Clock Mode” function displays the time even when the camera is off
    • SD memory card compatible; approx. 10.5MB built-in memory
    • Standard image viewer, ACDSee for PENTAX software
    • FotoNation’s red-eye compensation function for flash shots
    • DPOF, Exif Print, and PRINT Image Matching III compatibility
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