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    Olympus E-System - Press Release

    The Olympus E-System

    The Olympus E-System is a "designed for digital" SLR camera system that has grown considerably since the original Olympus E-1 camera body was launched in 2003. Today, the system includes 5 camera bodies, 17 ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses, and a wide range of accessories. In addition to this growth in the E-System lineup, we have led the way with innovations such as a Dust-Reduction System, full time Live View, and the introduction of the world's lightest, most compact, digital SLR camera body. We think of this as Chapter One in the history of the Olympus E-System, and we hope it has helped more people to enjoy photography and be satisfied with the quality of the images they obtain.

    Chapter Two will begin next year, we will continue to develop revolutionary features that extend the frontiers of digital SLR photography, and to strengthen the E-System body, lens, and accessory lineup.

    A successor to our current E-1 flagship will also be introduced next year. Work on this new camera, exhibited at Photokina 2006 as a concept model, is ongoing. Our future product plans include everything from a flagship model aimed at working professionals, to entry-level models for users who are new to SLR photography. We will continue to develop Olympus E-System bodies, lenses, and accessories for a wide range of genres, so that even more people are able to take photographs that could never be taken before.

    Digital SLR systems play a key role in our business plans. We are currently strengthening our development resources in this area, and are working to bring even more products to market. We assure you there will be successors to the E-1 constantly, and the Olympus E-System and the Four Thirds System will continue to grow.
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    Re: Olympus E-System - Press Release

    I hope when the final product comes out, that it looks more like the E1. I've always had a soft spot for the E series design, which of course is descended from the IS series film cameras.

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    Re: Olympus E-System - Press Release

    I like the fact that there is now a bottom L type grip built on. The e-300.330 and E-500 do not accept the L grip they made for the E1 unfortunately.

    The best news yet is that Sigma has taken up the 4/3 mount on a bunch of their lenses now so the lens limitations are opening up slowly.
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    Re: Olympus E-System - Press Release

    i'm shooting with an e300 now. its my first dslr. i hope to upgrade soon. i'm glad that the 4/3 system is continuing. if it was to be discontinued i would be pretty angry since i recently got the zuiko 8mm fisheye.

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    Re: Olympus E-System - Press Release

    Quote Originally Posted by picturetaker1239
    i'm shooting with an e300 now. its my first dslr. i hope to upgrade soon. i'm glad that the 4/3 system is continuing. if it was to be discontinued i would be pretty angry since i recently got the zuiko 8mm fisheye.
    With Panasonic, Sigma, and Leica all part of the team now, I think this Four Thirds System is going to be around for a while. I'm glad to see it growing and maturing.

    Have you posted reviews for your camera and lenses? I know we need more reviews for all the Olympus SLR equipment. And we only have two reviews for the Zuiko 8mm fisheye.

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