Nikon Digital Imaging Software Business Enhanced by Collaboration With American Developer, Nik Software, Inc.

TOKYO, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Nikon Corporation (Michio Kariya,President) is pleased to announce collaboration in the field of imaging software for digital cameras with American software developer, Nik Software, Inc. (formerly nik multimedia, Inc., Mr. Michael J. Slater, President & CEO;headquarters in San Diego, California).

With this collaboration, the technologies of both companies will be merged to develop and market innovative software products based on new concepts.This new relationship will enable a stronger presence and guarantee a leading role in the imaging software market.

To further the success of this collaboration, Nikon has also made equity investment in Nik Software, Inc. (hereafter "Nik").

Behind the collaboration
As the popularity of digital cameras increases, software applications that allow users to enjoy and expand the possibilities of their digital images with management, enhancement, and processing tools become more and more important. Well aware of this fact, Nikon offers a selection of software applications including the image management and enhancement application, PictureProject, and the advanced image processing and editing application, Nikon Capture.

Nikon and Nik, with its own digital imaging software technology, have maintained a cooperative relationship since 2004.

Recognizing the significant benefits this collaboration will have in fortifying the digital imaging software business of both companies, as well as in offering users simple and fun to use software that appeals to the very broad digital photography market, Nikon and Nik have decided to expand and reinforce their ties.

Overview of the collaboration
  • Technical cooperation in the development of digital imaging software.
  • Worldwide distribution, utilizing channels established by Nikon, of products developed jointly.
Plans for the future
With integration of Nikon's digital camera technology with Nik's digital imaging software technology, the introduction of digital imaging software, based on new concepts, that incorporates innovative technology, versatility, and unique advantages is scheduled.

Harnessing the strengths of both companies and establishing a cooperative relationship in the software business will further the development of next-generation digital imaging software. The resulting software will offer users a wide variety of benefits in working with their digital images, as well as offering greater performance from both personal and professional digital imaging. Together, all of these new possibilities and advantages will provide both companies with greater opportunities and a stronger position in the software business.

Nik Software, Inc. corporate profile
President & CEO: Mr. Michael J. Slater
Offices: San Diego, California U.S.A. (Corporate Headquarters)
Hamburg, Germany (European Branch Office)
Primary business: Development and sales of digital imaging software
Primary products: nik Color Efex Pro(TM) (digital filters), nik
Sharpener Pro(TM) (digital image sharpening
software), Dfine(R) (digital image noise reduction
Establishment: Established in 1995; Incorporated in 2001

Statement from Mr. Michael J. Slater, President & CEO of Nik Software, Inc.:
"This cooperative agreement enables both Nikon and Nik to fulfill their common commitment to continuously develop advanced products and technology for the booming digital photography market. We look forward to working with Nikon to build a strong digital imaging software business by leveraging both our companies' proprietary technologies and photo-imaging know-how."