Nikon Introduces All-New Capture NX Software

Powerful and Intuitive New Software Simplifies Workflow While Reducing the Time and Effort Required to Edit and Process Images

MELVILLE, N.Y., Feb. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Nikon( today introduced Capture NX, an all-new image processing and editing software that gives digital photographers powerful tools complimented by simple and visual operation that streamlines their workflow. Capture NX, the next generation of Nikon's popular Capture software, inherits the robust RAW (NEF) processing capabilities from Nikon Capture 4.4, and combines these with brand new features such as Nik Software, Inc.'s revolutionary, patented U Point(TM) technology, seamless image-browsing and advanced batch-processing capabilities, superior color management control and comprehensive system compatibility with Nikon's Digital Imaging System. Capture NX's intuitive interface design offers photographers a rewarding experience and delivers powerful performance while maintaining an ease-of-use that is welcomed by enthusiasts of all skill levels.

In addition to providing cutting-edge features and capabilities for Nikon's Electronic Format (NEF) files, Capture NX also makes editing and processing of JPEG and TIFF files created by virtually any digital camera simple and easy*. With its wide-ranging features, user-friendly interface and powerful performance, Capture NX makes image editing visually intuitive, allowing you to immediately see the effects as they are applied as well as providing access to a wide range of enhancement tools.

"With the introduction of Capture NX, Nikon offers photographers an exciting new way to edit and process images that is both powerful and visually intuitive while speeding up their workflow," said Michael Rubin, senior manager for Software Products at Nikon Inc. "Capture NX continues the NEF file link between our digital SLR models while adding revolutionary U Point editing technology that benefits all digital camera owners. We're confident photographers will find great use for this amazing new technology," he added.

Exclusive New U Point Technology

Nikon Capture NX's exclusive U Point technology is revolutionary in its approach to enable edits to portions of an image, or an entire image, without requiring the photographer to manually outline or mask the editable area. U Point technology achieves this by using 'Control Points' -- simple, interactive points that can be placed anywhere in an image and can be instructed to affect very specific characteristics of the image. For example, if a photographer wanted to enhance the tone of a certain color that appears in an image, without adversely affecting the neighboring portions of the image, he or she can do so by simply placing a control point on the color and defining the enhancement, which can be reflected locally or globally. Enhancements can be instantly adjusted, canceled or added with ease, without compromising the original quality of the image. Control Points powered by U Point technology are perfectly compatible with the NEF file's Instruction Set structure. Control Points include Color Control Points, Black, White, and Neutral Control Points and Red-Eye Reduction Control Points.

Capture NX software is further complemented by a suite of features andtools that include the following:
  • Sophisticated Edit List: A master control list of Capture NX features and enhancements. Anything that affects an image will have an Edit List entry. Entries can be removed, altered, or duplicated from this list without any destructive effects on the integrity of an image.
  • Expanded Power of the NEF file format: Capture NX further extends the NEF file format by incorporating U Point technology, giving users the ability to save and undo the effects of Control Points on an NEF image at any time. JPEG and TIFF images saved in the NEF file format can also take advantage of this feature.
  • Powerful Image Browser: Capture NX's Browser is capable of labeling, sorting and editing, all while browsing images. Users can apply most of Capture NX's features and editing capabilities directly onto images via thumbnails within the Browser, saving a great deal of time while allowing users to bypass opening each file in the Capture NX's editor.
  • Improved batch processing: Capture NX supports various batch processing methods, and is especially useful in applying a predefined series of adjustments to several images at once.
  • Selective tools: Capture NX includes selective tools for enhancements including Selective Application Brush, Lasso and Marquee, Gradient and Fill/Remove.
  • Color Management control: Capture NX features a reinforced color management system with on-screen Soft Proofing for advanced control of how colors from an image correspond to colors that a printer can produce.Options for this feature include Perceptual, Saturation, Relative Colorimetric and Absolute Colorimetric.
  • Exclusive Nikon Capture Features: Capture NX inherits powerful functions from Capture 4.4 software, including Color Aberration Control, D-Lighting, Image Dust-Off, Vignette Control and Fisheye-to-Rectilinear Image Transformation. A new Distortion Control has been added to help control pincushion and barrel distortion effects.
Nikon's new Capture NX software represents the nexus of Nikon's integrateddigital imaging components, such as cameras, lenses, software, Speedlights,and accessories, and allows photographers to yield the highest performancefrom their equipment.

Capture NX new software is scheduled for delivery during Spring 2006. Pricing, availability and upgrade information will be released prior to delivery. Nikon will preview the new Capture NX software from February 26-March 1, 2006 at the PMA trade show in Orlando, Florida, Booth #2603 and at additional shows throughout the year.