Nikon Announces New Nikon View Pro Software

Nikon View Pro Offers Faster Viewing and Management of Large Quantities of Images, and Ensures Seamless Compatibility with Nikon Capture NX

MELVILLE, N.Y., Feb. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Nikon ( today announced Nikon View Pro, high-speed, versatile software designed to deliver faster viewing, processing and management of large quantities of images, helping make the professional workflow more productive. With digital photographs growing in size and resolution, professional photographers will welcome Nikon View Pro's enhanced features including faster browsing of NEF(RAW) files*, an all-new IPTC(1) information editor, versatile display modes for image comparison, and FTP transfer compatibility(2). Nikon View Pro is an ideal compliment to the new Capture NX software, and together the two can significantly speed up a professional photographer's workflow.

Nikon View Pro features an easy and intuitive browser interface with "speed tools" that offer the ability to quickly check image composition, focusing sharpness, exposure and other file characteristics for each image. Adding or editing IPTC data to individual images or batches of images is remarkably simple with Nikon View Pro's new IPTC editor.

"Nikon View Pro is the perfect solution for professional photographers looking to simplify the process of browsing through hundreds of photos from a shoot, comparing and choosing their 'select' shots," said Michael Rubin, senior manager for Software Products at Nikon Inc. "Nikon View Pro's powerful features offer quick operation, batch IPTC captioning, FTP transfer support and comprehensive image management tools, all while maintaining an indelible link between the camera and software."

Nikon View Pro is especially beneficial to photographers that shoot large quantities of images and need to examine and organize their images. Some major features of Nikon View Pro include:
  • Fast Image Display: Nikon View Pro substantially increases the speed by which it can display JPEG, TIFF and RAW NEF images.
  • IPTC Data Imaging Function: A convenient template allows users to edit IPTC data, as well as copy this data from one image into another or into batches of images. Compatible with JPEG, TIFF and NEF files, this operation also allows users to add a caption to an image
  • Convenient Display Modes: Using a multi-view design, Nikon View Pro incorporates five display modes -- such as Thumbnail Mode, Single Image Display Mode, Multi Image Display Mode (vertical), Multi Image Display Mode (Horizontal) and Full Screen Display Mode -- making it easy to select and check image details and update image data.
  • Multi-function "Action Key": Using a fast short-cut for multi-key operation, a user can choose and combine up to five individual actions and assign them to one action key. By utilizing this function, operations such as selecting an FTP data transfer destination, moving and copying selected images to specified folders and opening images for specific applications, can be activated by a single click.
  • Marking: By marking images, various operations, such as sorting, moving copying and organizing can be completed.
  • FTP(2) Data Transfer: Within the Nikon View Pro window, users can select images and use the FTP transfer feature to transfer selected images. During transfer, it is also possible to transfer marked images and assign the transferred images to an Action.
Nikon View Pro new software is scheduled for delivery during Spring 2006. Pricing and availability will be released prior to delivery. Nikon will preview the new Nikon View Pro software from February 26-March 1, 2006 at the PMA trade show in Orlando, Florida, Booth #2603 and at additional shows throughout the year.

* NEF is the acronym for "Nikon Electronic Format" image file, Nikon's RAW
file format
1) - International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) information
2) - FTP is a data transmission protocol performed between client and host
computers. When using FTP operation on the internet it will be
necessary to install (separately purchased) FTP software in your
computer. 2) Windows 2000 Professional, XP Home, XP Professional, and
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later version supports this function. Installing
Nikon View Pro in computers using Windows XP versions requires the
addition of Microsoft Service Pack 2.