Adobe Collaborates with IPTC and AdsML to Extend Metadata Standards; XMP Ensures Metadata Content is Preserved Throughout Advertising and Creative Publishing Workflows

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 31, 2005--Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced results of its collaboration with the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) and IDEAlliance with development of a new public specification, IPTC Core Schema for XMP. Exposed through Adobe(R) Creative Suite software, "custom panels" are now available at, giving photographers and news services immediate access and compliance with a standard that aims to streamline data capture for images used in news outlets. Additionally, Adobe announced that it is working with the AdsML(TM) Consortium (Advertising Mark-up Language) and IDEAlliance to implement advertising standards using XMP within advertising workflows.

"This collaborative effort will be exciting for Adobe Creative Suite users working within advertising and photography workflows," said Mark Hilton, senior director of Creative Professional Products at Adobe. "Photographers can receive credit for their work by embedding their contact information directly in their Photoshop CS images and advertisers will be able to ensure proper ad placement, with embedded AdsML metadata, in advertisement files created with InDesign CS."

"The combination of AdsML and XMP addresses the business needs for more efficient handling of ad content, directly from the production environment of Adobe Creative Suite," said Allan Marshall, chief operations and technology director at Associated Newspapers Ltd. in London and a member of the AdsML Consortium steering committee. "The ability to view advertising metadata in this context is an invaluable advancement that will accelerate productivity and smooth production workflows."

IPTC Core Schema for XMP Extension to Adobe Creative Suite

Media groups working with the IPTC Core Schema for XMP will benefit from improved metadata flexibility and accessibility by expanding the scope of information and streamlining data capture across their workflows. Photographers and news services around the world use IPTC metadata format schemas to embed identifying characteristics such as contact information, captions, credits, location and time and dates within digital photos and scans. This information can be read by content management systems, used by virtually every newspaper publisher, to review and identify photos they want to publish to accompany a story.

Preserving AdsML Information in XMP

AdsML is an international suite of standards governing e-commerce for the advertising industry. The collaboration with AdsML will strengthen electronic advertising workflows and processes throughout the industry by taking advantage of the extensibility of XMP to specify a set of custom panels to display and embed AdsML-compliant information, directly in advertisement files created within Adobe Creative Suite software.

AdsML develops standardized electronic processes for handling booking and insertion orders, delivering intellectual property, rendering invoices, managing materials, and verifying use and transmission of files. The AdsML Framework suite of standards covers the workflow, file formats, and related information required to exchange advertising business documents and advertising content among advertisers and media distributors.

Software developers and system integrators can build support for Adobe XMP into their products via the XMP software development kit, available, free-of-charge, under Open Source License from Adobe. The SDK and additional information about Adobe XMP is available at

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