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    MFUEL World Pak 120 Power Device - Press Release

    MFUEL’s WORLD PAK Universal Power Device Enables The Mobile Workforce

    Award-winning Mobile Power Product Supports 90% Of Electronic Devices To Road Warriors Across The Globe

    BALTIMORE, MD – Working from the road is getting downright convenient for road warriors and travel weary executives with the release of MFUEL’s WORLD PAK 120. The slim universal device charges, powers, transfers data and adapts to accommodate most all mobile worker needs in a single device as they move from office, to the road, in the air, at home, or in the car – providing true digital power and mobility.

    MFUEL was recently honored with a 2007 CES Innovation Award for the WORLD PAK’s unique Power Puck; a cable management device that quickly consolidates the veritable “bird’s nest” of cables and cords into a neat and compact, retractable “disc” and not only serves to power and charge, but also provides data communication through Ethernet or USB Hot Tips. With patented adapters, the ultra-slim and light WORLD PAK 120 allows users to plug proprietary power cords and cabling into the device and output to standard interfaces, operating with the most popular electronic devices on the market today.

    “We are arming the traveling professional with a single, powerful tool to keep all of their devices connected as their office goes on the road,” said Jim Yarshen, VP of Sales for MFUEL. “Instead of packing an extra suitcase for all the proprietary cables, power supplies and various connectors, MFUEL’s WORLD PAK 120 is a single universal power product that consolidates all of a traveler’s power supplies and cables into a single, universal unit and allows you to power two devices simultaneously.”

    MFUEL’s next-generation universal digital solution can power 98% of all notebook computers on the market today including popular models from Dell, IBM and HP as well as 90% of all mobile devices from leading manufacturers such as Apple, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, LG, and Palm. The WORLD PAK 120 provides continuous power and exceeds the demand of virtually all new high power electronics, charging and powering notebooks for up to 12 additional hours while traveling and enabling the simultaneous charging of two devices at one time. The WORLD PAK can allow, for instance, a mobile phone, PDA, iPod, digital camera, camcorder, game boy or other device to charge while a notebook computer is being powered and charged.

    The WORLD PAK 120 universal Power Adapter Kit (PAK) is the first digital-based power supply that allows users to power and transfer data to and from almost any device, anywhere across the globe using the award winning Power Puck. The power supply charges almost any laptop notebook, mobile phone, PDA, Portable DVD, digital camera, video, portable game, or MP3 player simultaneously from any standard AC wall outlet, DC Cigarette Lighter, or FAA-approved airplane power source. MFUEL’s digital platform determines the electronics demand for power and satisfies those demands with the exact amount of power required. WORLD PAK 120 is a powerful tool in the road warrior’s arsenal, eliminating the need to carry multiple device-specific cables, wires, and phone jacks.

    MFUEL’s unique design consolidates the user’s needs and combines the functionality of powering, charging, and connecting through USB and Ethernet in a single cable – the MFUEL POWER PUCK. The disc-based POWER PUCK is a universal retractable six foot cable that allows users to interchange the cable ends to transform any proprietary connection for a device, any USB (male, female, and mini male) or Ethernet fitting.

    MFUEL devices are compatible with power currencies all over the world including 110V to 240V, AC and 11 V to 24 V DC, working in over 120 countries. The WORLD PAK also includes the MFUEL WORLD JACK, which allows the digital adapter to be plugged into any wall outlet in over 120 countries worldwide.

    The WORLD PAK 120 and other MFUEL products are available nationwide through an exclusive deal with Palm’s Airport Wireless stores or through their online site as well as other popular online and retail locations, MFUEL WORLD PAK 120 retails for US $249.99 and is available online at MFUEL stands behind its digital platform with a surge protection guarantee.

    About MFUEL:
    MFUEL is a Blackstone International LTD. brand, that delivers true mobility for the digital lifestyle. MFUEL’s Universal Power Bank provides smart digital technology that powers wireless devices and is compatible with energy standards across the globe, winner of CES 2006 Innovations Award. MFUEL offers universal interoperability between power supplies and devices and allows customers to run 95% of all notebook computers on the market today including popular models from Dell, IBM and HP as well as 90% and mobile devices from leading manufacturers such as Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, LG, and Palm. The MFUEL Universal Power Bank extends the life of devices for users who are on the go.
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