M-ROCK Helps Travelers Prepare for Winter & Spring Travel

Camera and Camcorder Cases by M-ROCK Help Protect Expensive Photography Gear During Travel Uncertainties

Aventura, FL - October 2, 2006- Traveling continues to be filled with uncertainty these days. Whether you are confronted with unexpected check-in requirements, or find yourself in poor weather, M-ROCK recommends travelers be prepared and plan ahead to protect expensive photographic equipment with M-ROCK's well designed and fully functional camera bags that offer triple transportation protection.

M-ROCK offers a complete selection of highly functional, top-quality camera and camcorder cases. Known as "tough on the outside and soft on the inside," the line of 15 bags stands apart from current offerings due to the unique carrying and modular designs that let users "build" a transport system for their individual needs. This custom experience extends to the company's web site where an innovative search feature quickly matches the M-ROCK bag with a customer's camera. The extensive variety of sizes, shapes and compatibility makes M-ROCK the end to end solution for any professional as well as any hobbyist and even an amateur.

M-ROCK's Compact Digital Camera & Lens Bags Features:
▪ Quality craftsmanship combined with contemporary, professional appearance.
▪ Contents protected by tough water resistant 600D nylon fabric and dense closed cell foam.
▪ Ultra soft felt lining, non-abrasive interior.
▪ Protective, weather jacket provides additional water-resistance.
▪ Triple protection from environment and theft with hugging rain-flap, zipper and front buckle.
▪ Usable mesh pocket and deep front pocket for carrying digital accessories.
▪ Neoprene padded shoulder strap, handle and belt loop secure via hook/loop fasteners.
▪ Structurally strong with contents protected by tough, water resistant material and thick closed cell foam.
▪ All six M-ROCK smaller bags are modular compatible with the nine M-ROCK SLR bags.
▪ Lifetime warranty offered against defects in the materials and workmanship with intended use of bag and money back guarantee for M-ROCK web site purchases.

M-ROCK's Digital SLR Camera & Square Gadget Bags Upgraded Features: :
From the Appalachian the smallest of M-ROCK's SLR bags up to the Everglade, which can be configured to hold a digital SLR camera body with up to six lenses, M-ROCK's flexible SLR camera bags are perfect for the City, The Outdoors and protecting your gear while traveling.
Additional features include:

▪ Extra pockets & sleeves inside the front pocket.
▪ Comfortable neoprene handles.
▪ Two padded and dual adjustable, curved shoulder straps allow for carrying the bag over the shoulder, or quickly converting it into a backpack, a chest pack or tummy-bag.
▪ Fanny pack; Convert M-ROCK's SLR bags into a comfortable fanny packs by sliding M-ROCK's Modular Belt through the belt loop behind the bags. Get extra support from M-ROCK's shoulder strap system.
▪ M-ROCK's square gadget SLR bags come with a unique, padded, U shaped lens cradle for loading SLR cameras with the grip facing up and adjustable dividers.
▪ All nine M-ROCK SLR bags are modular compatible with the six smaller M-ROCK camera & lens bags.
▪ Criss-cross rubber bungee straps below the bag, for carrying a small tri-pod, wind breaker jacket or other items.

M-ROCK's Modular System
M-ROCK's modularity allows users to custom design a carrying system to make traveling with multiple devices a snap. By utilizing hook/loop fasteners, the carrying capacity of M-ROCK's SLR bags can be increased by attaching M-ROCK's smaller bags to either side. M-ROCK's double attachment technique ensures a fully protected commute for your photo gear.

M-ROCK's Modular Belt quickly converts any M-ROCK SLR bags into a comfortable fanny pack. Up to four smaller M-ROCK camera and lens bags can also be added, by attaching them to the left and right sides of the Modular Belt, and to either side of the SLR bag which is attached to the center of the Modular Belt.

About M-ROCK
Since 1995, M-ROCK has been developing user-friendly, outdoor-style camera bags. In 1998, M-ROCK launched the first version of today's widely-used line of 15 camera bags. M-ROCK's bags have everything a photographer needs: the highest quality materials and design, fashionable appearance, and an abundance of unique and user-friendly features. M-ROCK products are available directly through www.M-ROCK.com and at reputable camera shops in the USA.

M-ROCK offers a money back guarantee for any retail purchases made directly from M-ROCK.com, as well as a lifetime warranty For more information, visit www.M-ROCK.com or call 1-800-773-7067 for a personalized customer service and purchasing experience.


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