Lexar Smart Download To Offer ActiveMemory Functionality For Adobe Creative Suite

New Module Will Improve Digital Imaging Workflow for Photographers Using Adobe Bridge

ORLANDO, Fl., February 27, 2006 – Lexar Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: LEXR), a world leader in advanced digital media technologies today announced Lexar® Smart Download, an intelligent acquisition plug-in module that will allow photographers to rapidly download and manage images directly from their memory cards via Adobe® Bridge, a component of Adobe Creative Suite (CS2). On display at the Photo Marketing Association International Show (PMA), the new plug-in will make it possible for photographers to leverage advanced features offered by Lexar Professional ActiveMemory™ CompactFlash® (CF) and Secure Digital™ (SD) flash memory cards and will provide a productivity boost with the ability to manage multiple concurrent downloads using Lexar’s Professional Firewire and USB 2.0 CompactFlash Readers.

"Professional photographers and designers need solutions that will help streamline workflows and allow them more time to concentrate on creative expression," said Mark Hilton, vice president of Creative Suite products at Adobe. "The Lexar Smart Download plug-in takes advantage of the Adobe open scripting interface by allowing direct image downloads along with important IPTC metadata to Adobe Bridge and Creative Suite 2, a very compelling utility for our customers.”

“The vast audience using this popular image browsing application should appreciate the immediate improvement in the digital imaging workflow provided by Lexar Smart Download,” said John Omvik, director of professional product marketing, Lexar. “Professionals need the ability to have their metadata automatically read and applied throughout the digital imaging process. This valuable plug-in will allow IPTC and captioning information to stay with stored images at every step in the process and will dramatically reduce the administrative redundancies for those photographers who capture many images when using Adobe Bridge to view their content,” he added.

The ActiveMemory System (AMS) is Lexar’s innovative digital photography workflow technology that stores user preferences and host device settings in a protected area on AMS flash memory cards. These settings can only be modified by the host application that created them and can be used to auto-configure multiple AMS-enabled products within the system. Also, these settings are preserved even when the card is re-formatted or other data files on the card are deleted, because the AMS data is stored outside the standard DOS file structure on the card. The AMS functionality coupled with Lexar Smart Download makes it possible to drive concurrent downloads from multiple cards and readers, creating a truly compelling benefit for any serious photographer looking to save real time in their daily workflow.

Beyond AMS, Lexar Smart Download also supports the simultaneous downloading feature of Lexar’s award-winning Professional CompactFlash Readers and will benefit all photographers who look to reduce the time currently required to download stored images via Adobe Bridge. Available in both USB and Firewire formats, Lexar’s Professional CompactFlash Readers are uniquely designed to stack and directly connect to one another (to a hub with USB models) and to the host computer for high-speed, simultaneous download of images stored on multiple flash memory cards. Depending on the volume of flash memory cards and stacked readers, the workflow improvements provided by simultaneously downloading stored contents is unfathomable.

In addition, Lexar Smart Download will support the download of content to primary and secondary destinations (folders) simultaneously. It will also provide the ability to organize images during the downloading process by date, making it possible for photographers to systematically manage their images, files and folders effectively.

Lexar Smart Download will be available as a stand-alone application on Lexar’s direct selling website for $29.95. In addition, Lexar Smart Download will soon be included with all of Lexar’s Professional ActiveMemory CompactFlash and Secure Digital flash memory cards. The plug-in will be available for both Mac OS 10.4 and Windows XP/2000 and is scheduled for release by the end of March.

More information on Lexar's professional products can be found at www.lexar.com.