M8 Firmware Updates - UR/IV Filters ships
Leica’s announces firmware updates and shipment of UR/IV filters
for world first professional digital rangefinder

March 6, 2007 - (Allendale, NJ) - Leica Camera Inc, USA today announced the newest firmware updates along with news of shipments of UR/IV filters to customers. Leica sent the following information to M8 customers via email newsletter and posting the Leica homepage:

“Dear M8 customers,
Firmware version 1.092 is now available for download free of charge.
A firmware download for the Leica M8 is available from the Leica website. Please read the instructions on how to update your camera.

The new version includes numerous improvements based on your practical experience. The user interface was modified in a few areas, making handling the Leica M8 even easier and more secure. In addition, the operational reliability was enhanced by optimizing internal procedures. The planned adjustments for using the specialized UV/IR filters has not been included in the firmware 1.092. Even so, we have decided to make the following improvements accessible for our customers immediately.

-In review mode, the bar above the image is black and now includes displays for the shutter and ISO speeds as well as the image number.
- The clipping function is now accessible directly in Auto Review mode, i.e. without having to press the INFO button first.
- The color rendition with Adobe Camera Raw was improved.
- If Auto Review and Histogram are both selected in the menu, this is now indicated as “Hold/Histogr.”
- The word “disabled has been replaced by “off.”
- Numerous internal procedures were improved and so-called bug-fixes implemented.

Firmware version 1.10 is expected to be available by the middle of April 2007.
The image sensor in the Leica M8 is highly sensitive to infrared light. This can lead to a magenta-colored offset (e.g. with black fabrics). Leica recommends using exclusively the special Leica UV/IR filters on the lenses in order to prevent the infrared light from reaching the CCD sensor. These screw0in type filters work based on interference. As a result, and depending on the angle of the incident light, they have differing degree of spectral transmission, which in turn can lead to color offsets towards the images’ edges with focal lengths from 16 to 35mm. Together with coded lenses, the firmware version 1.10 corrects these color offsets. (Using other UV/IR filters can result in uncontrollable color offsets that cannot be compensated.)
The new firmware calls for very extensive programming and testing though, so, regrettably, the introduction of version 1.10 will be delayed until presumably middle of April 2007. Lenses as of a focal length of 50mm can be used without any restrictions with the present firmware.

The delivery of the free Leica UV/IR filters has commenced.
The delivery of the first UV/IR filters to customers has commenced. The filters are intended as free basic equipment for the Leica M8. Due to the especially high demand for the Leica M8, it may take a few weeks in some cases until the desired filters can be shipped.

We hope the described measure will increase your satisfaction with the Leica M8 and wish you continued pleasure discovering the many creative options offered by the M8.”