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    Cool Kodak invent worlds Fastest film! (ISO 24,000)

    From APUG

    Tomorrow, Kodak will reveal the worlds fastest B&W reversal film. It has a speed of 24,000. I am looking forward to that talk. Anyone want any of this one?????? Sample pictures are shown on page 220 of the ICIC 06 proceedings.
    And it gets even more stange its supposidly only as grainy as a standard ISO 400 B&W film and it is thermally developed at 160c and is about as grainy as a normal 400 speed B&W film Thats insane!

    Also it looks like Fuji have designed a new 1200 speed neg film, which seems like an oddball speed.

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    Re: Kodak invent worlds Fastest film! (ISO 24,000)

    imagine, you may be able to do a 30s long exposure in absolute darkness, and blow out the whole frame in light. hahahaha...

    Wow i cant believe they are debating to produce this for the market. and if this can hit iso400 speed grain, why dont they apply this technology to the lower speed films like iso 600, ect, to have them nearly grainless.

    ill be watching this, lol..
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