Kodak Introduces Improvements Across its Film Product Portfolio

Consumers and Professionals Worldwide Benefit From Kodak’s Commitment to Traditional Photography

ROCHESTER, NY, February 17 ¾ Demonstrating its continuing commitment to the traditional photography market, Eastman Kodak Company will introduce improvements across its award-winning consumer and professional film product portfolio at the Photo Marketing Association Show in Orlando, Florida, elevating the consumer photography experience for users of traditional products.

“Actions speak louder than words. The traditional product portfolio improvements announced today represent solid proof that Kodak is committed to people around the world who capture images with film and one-time-use cameras,” said Mary Jane Hellyar, President, Film and Photofinishing Group and Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. “From unbeatable clarity and sharpness across our one-time-use camera line for consumers to improved PORTRA 800 color-negative film for professionals, these new benefits enable KODAK film users to achieve outstanding images.”

Unforgettable Memories Deserve Unbeatable Clarity
A recent survey found that 93 percent of consumers named clarity and sharpness as the most important features of a one-time-use camera. Kodak has developed a new 800-speed film emulsion that delivers unbeatable clarity and sharpness. Now all Kodak’s core one-time-use cameras worldwide will feature this new 800-speed film. In addition to unbeatable clarity, Kodak’s one-time-use cameras yield fewer underexposed pictures compared to any 400-speed one-time-use camera.

“Kodak is raising the bar for the one-time-use camera category across the board, giving retailers a family of products that offer consumers unbeatable performance,” said Hellyar. “This innovation demonstrates our continued commitment to helping retailers sustain their traditional photo products business by offering consumers a superior picture taking experience.”

Kodak’s one-time-use cameras with the new 800-speed film emulsion will ship to retailers this month.

Kodak has also improved its PORTRA 800 film with new high-efficiency emulsions. KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 800, part of the renowned PORTRA color negative film family, and the fastest professional 800-speed film on the market, now reproduces skin tones and colors with more accuracy under a variety of light sources. This high-speed film also features finer grain, improved sharpness and exceptional under-exposure latitude.

“PORTRA film is one of the icons in Kodak’s film portfolio and our improved PORTRA 800 film introduces outstanding features that will enable professional photographers to deliver stunning images with natural skin tones, fine grain and beautiful color in low-light conditions,” said Hellyar.”

Improved KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 800 film will begin shipping to retailers this month.

New 35mm Film Support
Kodak has significantly reduced the static attraction of its processed professional and consumer 35mm capture films worldwide. Recent photofinishing tests indicate that the humidity-independent static protection of this new 35mm film support yields frames with nearly 65 percent less printing dirt or white spots – a common frustration among lab owners. This new support will produce cleaner images and, in turn, streamline consumer and professional lab workflows and cut production time.

KODAK 35mm film with antistatic support will begin shipping to retailers this month.

Simplified Consumer Film Brands, Graphics and Packaging
Kodak is also launching a new multilingual, worldwide packaging graphics with an updated identity system for its most popular consumer films. New, simplified packaging and easy to understand icons will make it easier for people around the world to purchase their favorite high quality KODAK film that best suits their picture taking needs.

“We are taking strategic actions to serve the needs and preferences of the world’s photographers who continue to demand KODAK film,” said Hellyar. “These changes will benefit consumers, retailers and Kodak by maximizing the performance of our traditional film business.”

The new brand graphics and packaging will become visible to consumers in the Americas and Europe by the first quarter of 2006 and later in the year for the rest of the world.