iView MediaPro and Phase One Capture One PRO Bundled to
Streamline Digital Photographers' RAW Workflow

London and Copenhagen - April 7, 2005 - Digital asset management pioneer iView
Multimedia Ltd. (iView) and Phase One, world leaders in "Direct Digital Imaging,"
today announced a bundling offer to help professional photographers streamline their
RAW workflows. The pairing of these two professional-grade applications will empower
photographers to work the way they want to.

iView MediaPro is an digital asset management application that allows digital
photographers and other creative professionals to quickly and easily import, sort,
organize and manage very large volumes and types of digital files in the manner that
best works for them. Phase One's Capture One PRO is a professional alternative to the
proprietary software that comes with the digital camera. It efficiently handles image
adjustments of RAW files - such as white point and color balancing, exposure and
contrast compensation, as well as resizing and cropping.

For a limited time only, MediaPro and Capture One PRO will be available for purchase
together for $499 - this is $199 off the total price if each application were purchased
separately. The offer will run from April 7 thru May 5, 2005, and will be available only as
a download from each of the companies' respective sites: www.iview-multimedia.com
and www.phaseone.com. An accompanying RAW workflow guide detailing how the two
programs can be used together is also available for download.

"We are delighted to be able to bring this bundling deal to our core market," said Yan
Calotychos, founder and chief technical officer, iView Multimedia, Ltd. "Many pro
photographers told us in our recent survey at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA)
Conference that 'going digital' helps them by offering greater time savings and the ability
to create images of superior quality. The iView/Phase One bundle directly addresses this
point, by enabling pro photographers to create and integrate RAW workflow."

"Professional photographers are increasingly realizing the advantages of shooting in RAW camera formats, which include greater flexibility, efficiency, and enhanced image
quality. We're delighted to be working with iView, a leader in the digital asset
management space, to provide yet another means of adding value to the professional
photographer's workflow", said Trine Voss, Capture One VP Sales & Marketing.

About iView Multimedia
iView Multimedia Ltd. is a software development and publishing company based in
London, UK. Its flagship product, iView MediaPro, is the leading digital asset
management solution for digital photographers who need to streamline their processes,
shorten time to market, and eliminate costs from the production cycle. iView MediaPro
locates, captures, organizes, annotates, searches, retrieves and presents digital content,
quickly and easily. The software integrates seamlessly into the digital photographer's
established workflow.

Since its first product release in 1996, iView has attracted a reputation for market-leading
innovations in the digital media management market. It continues to enhance this
reputation, and its products are widely recognized as best of breed. More information is
available at http://www.iview-multimedia.com.

About Phase One
Phase One was founded in 1993 by a Danish inventor, who was, at that time,
manufacturer of drum scanners for the pre-press industry. To him it was obvious that the
ultimate method of digitizing an image would be to capture it directly by means of a
camera and thereby completely eliminate the use of film.

In 1994 Phase One was acquired by one of the leading venture capital companies in
Denmark. Today ownership is divided between Phase One employees and 4 venture
capital companies, one of which is Kirkbi, associated with the LEGO Group, the world
renowned manufacturer of children's toys.

Phase One's head office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. They also have a
subsidiary, located in Melville NY, USA to support their dealer network in USA and
Canada as well as two regional offices which are situated in Cologne, Germany, and in
Shanghai, China respectively. More information is available at http://www.phaseone.com.