iBloks Offers New Features to Elevate Digital Photos and Videos to the Next Level with 3D

iBloks Selected as a Microsoft Prestigious Innovation Showcase Company Featured at CES; Free Customizable 3D Mods Allow People Everywhere to Create Like Pros and Make an Impact with Their Presentations at Home and at Work

2007 International CES

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iBloks, Inc. today at CES announced its selection to be one of Microsoft’s prestigious Innovation Showcase companies with its unique high-quality 3D platform for people everywhere. iBloks was the first multimedia Windows Vista certified application in the market and also works on Windows XP and Mac computers. iBloks also now integrates with Microsoft Powerpoint to enable businesses to connect to their customers through a revolutionary new multimedia presentation.

“iBloks enriches the personal experience people can have with the digital content that matters to them the most on the web and mobile devices,” said Julia Miller, chief executive officer of iBloks. “iBloks has marked the arrival of 3D multimedia experience with software as a 3D unified service for people to express themselves and businesses to communicate the essence of their brand like never before.”

iBloks lights up on Vista by showcasing the improved visual and multimedia capabilities that our new operating system has to offer. iBloks leverages and extends the power of real-time 3D rendering technologies in .NET Framework 3.0, Vista Sidebar Gadgets, Vista Photo Explorer, and improved ink and mobility functionality. Integration with Powerpoint now allows businesses an easy way to add 3D multimedia videos to their presentations. iBloks is one of the first commercial applications to integrate the Windows Presentation Foundation into a consumer software product, which operates on Windows XP and lights up on Windows Vista.

The iBloks Unified Service Platform
The unified services platform is a turnkey method for people to easily mix multiple media types together using “drag and drop” functionality to instantly create and experience unlimited sharing of their personal iBloks via email, IM, social networks, Powerpoint, web pages or blogs. As a result, iBloks accelerates the imagination of individuals and businesses to create and share stunning digital works of art. Designers from around the world have created 3D Mods for people to showcase their photos and videos in 3D virtual worlds.

The iBloks platform is powered by next-generation Windows Vista graphic technology making it easy for 3D designers to create and monetize their creations directly at iBloks, and people can create rich, personal experiences from the moment they access the website through the immersive 3D iBlok environment.

About iBloks
Founded in 2005, iBloks’ mission is to revolutionize personalized entertainment™ and self-expression by providing a creative, fun and easy-to-use digital media platform that is designed to push the creative boundaries of consumers and communities. For additional information, please visit iBloks at: http://www.ibloks.com.

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