HotTorrent Introduces Free Web 2.0 HotShots Holiday Greetings Service With Special Holiday Promotion
Friday November 17, 8:08 am ET

Get Photos From Anywhere, Share Photos Everywhere, and Receive Free Personalized Photo Gifts

CUPERTINO, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Nov 17, 2006 -- HotTorrent, an ecommerce web site offering Web 2.0 media sharing and social networking services, today launched its free HotShots Holiday Greetings service at

Any online user can use HotTorrent HotShots to create and send out free personalized holiday greetings. The greetings are flash-based slideshows comprised of photos and other types of media. HotTorrent's Web 2.0 HotShots Holiday Greetings offer many unique advantages over traditional Web 1.0 eCards such as:

-- Full animation with dozens of effects and themes to choose from.
-- Total integration of interaction, ecommerce, and view/click tracking.
-- The ability to utilize dozens or even hundreds of photos.
-- The ability to use photos via uploading, "transloading" (from image
links), or instant retrieval from popular sites such as Photobucket,
Flickr, and MySpace.
-- Total sharing and distribution capabilities in emails, blogs,
HotTorrent's social networking site, or other social networking/blogging
sites such as MySpace, Xanga, and Blogger.
-- Special HotTorrent holiday promotions and gifts, including free
personalized MyCards, a free photo calendar, a free photo mug, and 5

"HotShots Holiday Greetings are the best way to utilize all of your photos stored across the Internet to create a fun, unique online greeting that truly takes advantage of today's Web 2.0 technology," says HotTorrent President David Wang. "Sending a HotShots Holiday Greeting is simply more fun, more interactive, and more personalized than ever before."

HotTorrent's HotShots Holiday Greetings are available now at Sample HotShots holiday greetings can be seen at Further details regarding holiday special offers can be seen at

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