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I am new to the forum but have an opportunity that people may be interested in. See below......

SHOOT WORLD - November 2006

A GLOBAL FIRST - SHOOT WORLD - The world through your eyes...
As well as giving you the chance to win prizes, the monthly Shoot Experience competitions are giving us the chance to develop our Big Idea - SHOOT WORLD - a gigantic World Map that captures the culture of every country and celebrates the diversity of our world.

We are inspiring people from every country in the world to take photographs on a central theme each month. The photos taken will be plotted onto a gigantic world map which will be printed onto the floor of the Association of Photographer's Gallery in London, UK as well as online at www.shootexperience.com

Imagine walking barefoot over the world, over a geographical collage of photos showing a central theme through the eyes of people everywhere, from Cameroon to Cambodia to Cuba.

Get involved and Register! We need photos from every country on the planet to produce our mapů.
Visit www.shootexperience.com and let's Shoot the World together!

I'll be happy to answer any questions, this isn't an advertising pitch it is a really inspiring project that we need people all over to become involved in!