Gitzo Introduces Traveler Monopod Featuring Breakthrough
6X Carbon Fiber Technology

Light and compact tripod composed of new, 30% lighter 6X carbon fiber
and offers strength, stability and high performance

Orlando, Florida (February 26, 2006) – When it comes to traveling with photographic equipment, one thing is true for all photographers on the move – size matters. Gitzo, revered throughout the world for its precision, quality and innovation in bringing new products to market for both the professional photo and video markets, is proud to announce the Traveler GM2560T 6X Monopod.

The lightest and most compact carbon fiber monopod Gitzo has on the market, the Traveler, when completely folded, stands at a diminutive 14.3 inches, weighs less than one pound and fits in any case. At 56.1 inches when fully extended, the Traveler rises as tall as most standard Gitzo monopods. This Traveler monopod also incorporates Gitzo’s revolutionary 6X technology tube, which reduces overall monopods weight up to 25% percent without sacrificing strength or stability.

Available in a six section leg configuration and with a maximum capacity of 9.9 lbs, the new Traveler 6X monopod is ultra light and incredibly fast to operate with the incorporation of the Anti Leg Rotation (ALR) system. The ALR system allows for a fast and smooth setup, yet maintains the uncompromised locking strength of the traditional Gitzo twist lock system. Just loosen all twist locks at the same time and pull down the leg before tightening them, making setup a mere 6 seconds.

The Traveler 6X monopod also features a Safe Lock Disc. This new top plate, composed of a techno-polymer compound, makes it possible to control the locking torque without prematurely stopping camera rotation and ensuring that users’ equipment is safely and effectively locked in place.

New 6X Carbon Fiber Technology
The existing 1.5mm Gitzo carbon fiber tube wowed the world with its unsurpassed strength, stability and remarkable lightweight form factor. Utilizing a three-crossed multilayer carbon structure, bonded together at high pressure and temperature by high quality resins, Gitzo was able to offer professionals a carbon fiber tube that proved to be the ultimate in vibration absorption, strength and stability.

Tapping into its revolutionary resources and utilizing its unmatched experience with composite materials, Gitzo was able to develop a new, six-crossed multilayer 1mm carbon fiber 30 percent lighter than the previous generation that features the same exceptional performance of stability and vibration absorption and unbeatable quality.

By fine tuning its market leading three layer technology to a six layer, with advanced parameters in terms of pressure, temperature and bonding resins, Gitzo was able to create the 6X generation. The six-crossed multilayer tubes measure only 1mm, but are equally as strong and as stable as the 1.5mm, three layer carbon fiber tubes. The 6X range represents, once again, Gitzo leadership not only in introducing unique and world-first innovations, but above all in creating the best products in terms of quality and performances.

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Photos of the monopod are in the 2006 PMA Gallery: