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    Fujifilm FinePix Z3 Digital Camera - Press Release

    Stay Cool This Summer with Fujifilm's New FinePix Z3; Successor to the FinePix Z1 Gets a Performance Upgrade and a Cool New Color

    VALHALLA, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 30, 2006--Continuing its history of developing digital cameras that look as good as the pictures they take, Fujifilm today announced the launch of the FinePix Z3, the latest model in Fujifilm's slim and stylish Z-Series of digital cameras and the successor to the FinePix Z1.

    With an updated body and a new, funky second color - metallic blue - to go along with the traditional silver, the FinePix Z3 appeals to the most fashion-conscious consumer searching for an ultra-portable digicam that looks good as it takes great pictures.

    Taking memorable, high-quality photographs while out on the town with friends at a restaurant or other nighttime spot is a challenging exercise for any owner of a compact digital camera. These picture-worthy moments often are snapped in close proximity to the subject and in low light, conditions that can lead to blurry photos, 'washed out' subjects and backgrounds lacking in detail.

    With a 6th generation, 5.1 MegaPixel Super CCD sensor and a 2nd generation RP (Real Photo) Processor on board, the delete button may be one of the least-used controls on the FinePix Z3. The controls that will spell the end for those spoiled shots include:

    Picture Stabilization
    The FinePix Z3 combines higher light sensitivities (up to ISO 1600) with faster shutter speeds to stabilize pictures and reduce blur caused by both camera shake and subject movement. To make it easy for FinePix Z3 users to achieve blur-free results, Fujifilm has added a convenient 'Picture Stabilization' button to the FinePix Z3.

    The FinePix Z3's Intelligent-Flash system, or "i-Flash", is more advanced than similar flash systems because it can detect more accurately the subtle lighting differences within a scene, and then light the subject accordingly with a variety of flash intensities. If the subject is off center and standing under a streetlight, the i-Flash system will correct the exposure automatically. i-Flash leads to pictures with more natural looking subjects and backgrounds that are full of bright and crisp detail.

    "Natural Light" Shooting Mode
    This mode preserves the scene mood and enhances background detail by shooting with faster shutter speeds at higher light sensitivities (if necessary) with a suppressed flash. This mode is perfect for low light moments that would otherwise be ruined by a powerful flash or situations where the use of flash is inappropriate.

    Users can also experience the benefits of Natural Light through a feature called the 'Dual Shooting Mode'. In this mode the FinePix Z3 quickly shoots two images in rapid succession - one with and one without the flash - saving both. This convenient function, which is unique to Fujifilm digital cameras, allows for an on-the-spot picture comparison by the user, who can decide which photo is preferred.

    In addition to these innovations, the FinePix Z3 has a number of other noteworthy features:
    • A reinforced, scratch-resistant, 2.5-inch LCD with a 230,000-pixel resolution and Fujifilm's glare-reducing CV Film for better viewing in direct light.
    • A high-quality, non-extending, refractive 3x optical zoom lens from Fujinon that keeps the FinePix Z3 thin.
    • Fourteen pre-programmed scene positions that trigger optimal settings based on the surrounding conditions.
    • VGA movie recording of 30 frames per second with sound
    • The FinePix Z3 features 10MB of internal memory, a convenient feature that ensures extra storage space should the user want to squeeze in a couple of additional shots once their xD Picture Card is full.
    "The FinePix Z3 has combined Fujifilm's rich photographic legacy with the style and sophistication that made the FinePix Z1 such a popular digital camera," explained David Troy, Senior Product Manager, Consumer Digital Cameras, Electronic Imaging Division, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "With industry leading innovations such as Picture Stabilization and the i-Flash system, along with its sleek design and cool new color, the FinePix Z3 is sure to turn heads."

    The FinePix Z3 will debut in July 2006 at a retail price of $279.95.

    About Fujifilm
    Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. is a subsidiary of Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. and delivers technology solutions to meet the imaging and information needs of retailers, consumers, professionals and business customers. As a global leader in digital imaging, Fujifilm pioneered the development of digital medical systems, and today is the leader in digital minilab systems. The company was ranked number 15 for U.S. patents granted during 2004, employs more than 75,000 people worldwide and in the year ending March 31, 2006, had global revenues of $22.8 billion.

    In the United States, Fujifilm is a leader in delivering high quality, easy-to-use imaging and information solutions in the following categories: Digital Imaging Systems, Film and Imaging Systems, Recording/Storage Media, Motion Picture Film, Graphic Arts and Printing Systems and Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Systems. Fujifilm is an environmentally friendly, humane enterprise and an exemplary corporate citizen.

    For more information on Fujifilm products, please visit
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    Our Fujifilm FinePix Z1 Review

    For some more insight into the FinePix Z3, check out my Fujifilm FinePix Z1 review from last year. The camera's appear to have the same sensor and same design with the Z3 having a few upgraded features. So the Z1 review should still be very useful for people interested in the Z3.

    Fujifilm FinePix Z1 Pro Review >>

    And for what it's worth, I actually sold a photo I tool with the Z1 for a magazine article. I don't think the image quality was quite up to my usual standards, but the magazine loved it. That photo is in the review and can also be seen here, in the gallery:

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