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    Fujichrome T64 Professional Slide Film - Press Release


    New Film Provides Pure, Accurate Color and Excellent Highlight Details

    Valhalla, NY, February 14, 2006 - Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. announces the introduction of new Fujichrome T64 Professional at the PMA 2006 Annual Convention and Trade Show. The new ISO 64 tungsten-type color transparency film delivers ultra-fine grain and optimum tonal scale and gradation under tungsten lighting. Fujichrome T64 Professional incorporates new-generation color couplers and new color correction technology which ensure pure, accurate color reproduction, making this film ideally suited for a wide range of product shots, interiors, furniture, architecture, certain medical imaging needs and other professional applications requiring tungsten lighting. The new film also possesses excellent color image stability.

    "New Fujichrome T64 Professional is yet another indication of Fujifilm's commitment to develop new products and technologies that meet the needs of all photographers, whether they shoot film, digital or both," said Christian Fridholm, Director of Marketing, Professional Films, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "We are proud to provide photographers with the tools they need to create, express, document and communicate their visions."

    Fujichrome T64 Professional provides photographers with these outstanding features:

    Smooth, natural gradation - T64 Professional has been optimized to yield natural tones and continuous gray balance for smooth, accurate reproduction of subtle gradation from highlights through shadows under delicate tungsten light.

    Excellent color fidelity - In addition to optimizing spectral sensitivity, Multi-Color-Correcting-Layer technology achieves characteristics that closely mimic the spectral sensitivity of the human eye. Combined with new-generation color couplers, this gives T64 Professional one of the highest levels of hue fidelity, including delicate colors beyond the reach of existing films, making this film most suitable for the stringent color reproduction demands of commercial photography and the photographing of paintings and other artwork.

    Color image performance - Incorporation of new-generation color couplers gives T64 Professional significantly improved color image stability and resistance to fading compared to prior generation color reversal films.

    Ultra-fine grain - With the incorporation of Multi-Structured Sigma Crystal Technology, new T64 Professional achieves one of the highest levels of ultra-fine grain with an RMS granularity of 7, giving it an impressive ability to express the delicate textures, dimensions and subtle gradations that are required to achieve professional results under tungsten lighting.

    Superb push/pull processing suitability - New T64 Professional exhibits minimum variation in color and gradation during push/pull processing over a range of -1/2 to +1 stop, providing an expanded range of photo taking opportunities, as well as facilitating fine adjustments in exposure and density during processing.

    Fujichrome T64 Professional incorporates the following Fujifilm technologies:

    PSHC (Pure, Stable and High-performance dye-forming Coupler) technology - High-color formation yellow, magenta and cyan couplers give Fujichrome T64 Professional extremely pure color formation capability. These new-generation couplers provide high image performance (coloring agent durability) compared with current Fujichrome 64T Type ll Tungsten which the new film replaces.

    MCCL (Multi-Color Correction Layer) technology - Fujichrome T64 Professional features multi-color correcting layers incorporating the green and red color-correcting layers that are most effective in tungsten photography. Combined with optimized spectral sensitivity, this enables this film to reproduce colors close to those perceived by the human eye.

    MSSC (Multi-Structured Sigma Crystal) technology - With this technology, Fujichrome T64 Professional achieves one of the highest levels of ultra-fine grain in the world (RMS: 7).

    Fujichrome T64 Professional will be available in various roll and sheet sizes on an inventory turnover basis beginning in March 2006 for rolls and April 2006 for sheets.
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