New Line of Digital Picture Frames, From Entry Level to Professional Grade, Position Company as a Leading Force in the Industry

TORONTO, CANADA – Poised for major growth due to the successful launch of its three initial highly acclaimed Digital Picture Frames in 2006, Fidelity Electronics Inc. announces significant expansion, including more than six additional Frames being rolled out now through summer.

In addition, the Canadian-based company is opening a US-based distribution facility to better service the US market, an expanded sales force across the US, and a corporate sourcing office and showroom in Kowloon, Hong Kong to ensure superior quality control and customer service worldwide.

Fidelity is introducing a wide range of new Digital Picture Frames with different models appealing to a variety of customers' tastes, needs and pocketbooks, with retail prices from $99 to $399. These include:

- For the serious photographer, this professional edition features a 10.4" display, 1GB internal memory, supports up to 17MP, advanced color controls, specs and software solution, auto rotate and more.

DOF-1000F DIGITAL OFFICE FRAME - The first digital picture frame designed for businesses, The Digital Office Frame includes a 10.4" high resolution multimedia screen, 2 hour rechargeable batteries and 256MB internal memory. This frame delivers a unique sales presentation tool, bringing presentations to life.

DPF-7000F - A high resolution entry level 7" unit that features instant viewing from popular memory card formats and friendly on-board controls. Offers adjustable user options, portrait and landscape support in black on a clear acrylic design.

DPF-7010F - The same elegant look and features as the DPF-7000F, with enhanced software solution and a wireless remote control.

DPF-7050F - A new 7" multimedia display that plays photos, music and videos. Includes 2 additional interchangeable frames and 256MB internal memory. With easy on-board or remote controls, the unit supports USB and all popular card formats.

DPF-1050F - All the features of the popular DPF-1040F, with 256MB internal memory, plus a new software solution that offers crisper graphics and advanced user managed functions from on-board or remote controls.

"We are establishing Fidelity Electronics as a global provider of a wide range of high quality, well priced digital picture frames," comments Stan Samole, President, Fidelity Electronics. "We are very enthusiastic about the company's rapid growth and expansion as well as the new line of products we are now offering, which were developed because we believe in listening to our customers and giving them what they ask for," he adds.

Gaining recognition in this category with products that are growing in demand due to their superior quality, as well as industry leading features, specifications and warranties, Fidelity Electronics also plans to roll out several additional innovative new Digital Picture Frame products in 2007, which are currently in development.

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