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    Epson Ink Cartridge Settlement

    Just recieved in the mail, a legal notice referencing a proposed settlement by Epson America, Inc. in a class action suit brought in the Los Angeles Superior Court for California and other class action suits brought by other states. Owners of various Epson Printers are eligible for a $45.00 credit. Go to the following website for further information. If you purchased an Epson printer between 1999 and 2006, you may be eligible for the settlement. Feel free to ask me questions here and I will do my best to interpret the notice I recieved. The court will be hearing the settlement on Aug. 15, 2006 to determine the fairness of the settlement.
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    Re: Epson Ink Cartridge Settlement

    Interesting that it is happening there and only there, maybe this is why they just announced a 3% increase in cartridge prices here to pay for this claim in the US. I have two printers that qualify but unfortunately it is limited to the US only.

    You think the other companies don't do the same thing with their cartridges ? Common how do you reckon they make their money it certainly isn't on the cost of the general run of the mill printers, certainly they do on the higher end ones.

    Good luck with the claim.

    I read it and the FAQ's is probably what most people should read to explain the processes.

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    Re: Epson Ink Cartridge Settlement

    got one here. will find my register form.

    just for your information, you may find great Epson Ink Cartridge deals here

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    Re: Epson Ink Cartridge Settlement

    I got two of those making $90, plus a $50 dollar rebate for a scanner I am looking at makes for quite a price reduction.
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