DxO Optics Pro v4 Public Beta 2, available immediately, is localized for key markets, features film looks and includes the Adobe Photoshop plug-in.

New York, NY and Paris, France – Sept. 15, 2006 – DxO Labs announces today availability of a free, Windows PC public beta 2 release of DxO Optics Pro v4 for all digital photographers to download from the DxO Labs Web site (www.dxo.com). DxO Optics Pro software improves the image quality of Digital Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras and advanced digicams. DxO Optics Pro is the award-winning digital image enhancement tool incorporating revolutionary optics, noise and exposure corrections in an easy-to-use, feature rich application for Mac and PC users.

Beta 2 of DxO Optics Pro v4 adds exciting features not available in the first Beta:
  • A selection of the most popular film looks: “Velvia”, “Ektachrome”, “Kodachrome” color profiles can now be applied to photos offering photographers greater creative range.
  • Localized languages for key markets make it even easier to use this innovative software.
  • The new DxO Optics Pro Photoshop Plug-in will allow users to directly access core DxO image correction features when opening RAW or JPEG images in this popular photo editing tool.
As with the first DxO Optics Pro v4 public beta, the software demo includes:
  • Unique DxO Color Engine with breakthrough Multi-Point Color Balance and a selection of Color Rendition Profiles and Color Modes. Plus the ability to import third party ICC color rendition profiles.
  • DxO Optics Engine with comprehensive image geometry control including horizon adjustment (rotation), keystoning (perspective) correction as well as a new exclusive Volume Anamorphosis correction feature. As with previous versions, DxO Optics Engine automatically corrects lens distortion, vignetting, lens softness and chromatic aberrations including purple fringing.
  • Improved performance and optimized workflow.

Availability and upgrade policy
DxO Optics Pro v4 Windows public beta 2 for PC is available immediately on www.dxo.com . DxO Optics Pro v4 for Windows will be available later this month. DxO Optics Pro v4 for Intel Mac and Macintosh is planned for late Fall 2006. All purchasers of DxO Optics Pro v3.55 on or after June 20, 2006 are eligible for a free upgrade to v4.

Pricing of full versions of DxO Optics Pro v4 will remain unchanged:
  • DxO Optics Pro v4 Starter: €64 / $79 (ex. VAT and sales taxes)
  • DxO Optics Pro v4 Standard: €124 / $149 (ex. VAT and sales taxes)
  • DxO Optics Pro v4 Elite: €249 / $299 (ex. VAT and sales taxes)
Pricing of an upgrade to DxO Optics Pro v4 will be as follows:
  • DxO Optics Pro v1.x Starter à DxO Optics Pro v4 Starter: €19,90 / $24.90 (ex. VAT and sales taxes)
  • DxO Optics Pro v3.x Standard à DxO Optics Pro v4 Standard: €39,90 / $49.90 (ex. VAT and sales taxes)
  • DxO Optics Pro v3.x Elite à DxO Optics Pro v4 Elite: €69,90 / $79.90 (ex. VAT and sales taxes)
DxO Optics Pro has been chosen as 2006 “Best Photo Software” by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA).

About DxO Labs and its DxO Technology
DxO Labs is a software and intellectual property licensing company focused on research in applied mathematics for still and video image processing. We provide advanced technologies and reliable, off-the-shelf solutions to achieve excellence in all aspects of image quality for companies and consumers in the imaging business:
  • Digital camera vendors;
  • Professional and serious amateur photographers;
  • Photography journalists and imaging experts;
  • Mobile imaging: cameraphone vendors, camera module manufacturers, sensor and processor vendors.
We guarantee state-of-the-art technology in image processing thanks to our significant research efforts. DxO Labs’ ambition is for the “DxO” brand to become recognized as the consumer’s trusted mark of excellence in image quality.

For more information, visit DxO Labs online at www.dxo.com