Digitaltruth Photo announces the release of the Silvergrain range of
photo chemicals, formulated by Ryuji Suzuki.

This is a truly exciting announcement because Silvergrain products
are the first to make use of the latest research in modern photo
chemistry and represent a major advance over other products currently
on the market. Quite simply, Silvergrain is the best photo chemistry
that has ever been produced.

Silvergrain b/w chemicals are formulated with the following aims:

*to reduce toxicity beyond levels currently available
*to maximize shelf-life and longevity of all solutions
*to produce the finest results possible
*to provide unsurpassed archival quality


All products will be available for shipping on May 30th, but we are
offering special pre-launch pricing THIS WEEK ONLY. For more
information please visit:

The first phase of products includes:

Tektol Standard - is a liquid concentrate print developer designed to
maximize the paper's natural image property with rich blacks and
natural whites. Tektol Standard is the ideal choice for printers who
stock a warmtone paper, a neutral paper, and a coldtone paper and
select the paper to meet the desired image quality, and is further
optimized to produce the maximum effect when used in conjunction with
print toners.

Tektol Neutral - a liquid concentrate print developer designed to
provide neutral black tones with most papers. Some popular papers
tend to provide slightly warm blacks or olive blacks when processed
in a standard print developer, but this developer will minimize this
bias while maintaining rich blacks and bright whites. Tektol Neutral
is the ideal choice for printers who prefer a neutral black tone out
of their favorite papers.

Clearfix Alkaline - a standard archival rapid fixer, ideal for both
films and prints. This rapid fixer is designed to expedite fixing as
well as the washing speed, without any adverse effect to the image
quality or permanence. Most films and RC papers can be washed to the
archival level in a matter of minutes. If you are still using an acid
rapid fixer, this is the product you have been waiting for to speed
up washing and achieve archival standards.

Clearwash - a wash aid supplied in convenient, highly concentrated
liquid stock. Clearwash works very similarly to Kodak Hypo Clearing
Agent without the mess of powder chemicals. Unlike many other wash
aid products being offered in liquid concentrate form, this product
is designed to optimize the shelf life as well as the tray life of
the solution and improves archival quality.

More products, including film developers, will be added to the
Silvergrain range in 2006-7.

Silvergrain products are available exclusively from Digitaltruth Photo: