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I'm torn between the G3 and the G5, even though I know they're almost identical.
I like the G3 a lot better, but the fact that it is discontinued worries me. I know that means that they don't make this camera anymore, but does it also mean that I won't be able to get any accessories for it, if I would decide to add something to it at a later time?
I'm also looking at the PowerShot S1 IS, does anybody have any info on that one?
And what about G5 vs S1 IS? I know they are totally different, but I'm very confused and don't know what to get anymore, there are too many out there. However, I would like to stick with Canon, because I really like their cameras. This will be my first digital, I love to take macro shots, which my old 35mm was never very good at.

Any info or advise on any of these three cameras would be greatly appreciated.

Good Morning Tanya...

If you already have the G3 keep it and forget the others. If you are a beginner you have one of the best digital cameras ever made and is much better than the G5 or even the new S1. You can look up professional reviews on all these cameras at dpreview.com. You will see that of all the G series made by Canon the G3 is far and away the best of the bunch. When you master the G3 camera you will becom interested in a digital SLR but will still never let go of the G3 and in all probability keep it always at hand and/or in your camera bag for those quick unexpected shots. Don't waste your money or time...use it instead very wisely and learn all there is to know about the G3 so it becomes a no thought extension of your eye and mind. If you want to check out something quite curious go to digital Canon cameras on e-bay...you will see used G3's bringing in higher bids than new G5's...why? Simply because it is a better camera. Now go out and take some pictures!