VisibleDust announces Exclusive Distributorship in France, Germany, Japan and the UK with Bogen Imaging and Kata UK
Bogen Imaging International to distribute VisibleDust DSLR Sensor Cleaning products

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Jan 22, 2007: VisibleDust, a premier high-tech company dedicated to digital camera sensor cleaning, announces the distributorship of Bogen Imaging and KATA UK., headquartered in Koln-Germany, Surrey-UK, Rungis-France and Tokyo-Japan, as the international distributors of the complete line of VisibleDust DSLR Sensor Cleaning products.

“Products in the VisibleDust DSLR Sensor Cleaning Line such as Sensor Brush™ & Arctic Butterfly® 724 and SL 700, Sensor Cleaning Swab™ and travel safe cleaning solutions will be outstanding additions to our product lineup of Bogen Imaging groups and KATA UK, which include Kata Bags, Manfroto, National Geophraphic, Gitzo and more,” said the Managing Directors of Bogen Imaging Groups and KATA UK.

“Our philosophy is to make sensor cleaning effortless, safe and fast, which has allowed us to grow rapidly over the past 3 years,” said Rola Hannad, Vice President and Research Scientist/Pharmacist at VisibleDust. “We are committed to dramatically expanding the distribution of our Sensor Cleaning line. Knowing that Bogen Imaging‘s charter is built on the foundation of providing superior products, customer satisfaction and support, and witnessing their outstanding success in the imaging industry, has made it a wise decision to partner with Bogen Imaging groups and KATA UK in Europe and Japan. We are extremely excited to be teaming up with such a pioneer marketing company as Bogen Imaging and KATA UK, and we are confident this partnership will be very beneficial to both of our companies.”

VisibleDust CEO Dr. Fariborz Degan, the inventor of all VisibleDust’s most popular products, including the popular Sensor Brush™ and Arctic Butterfly®, added, “The strength of our company is based upon continuous research and development and we will continue expanding and offering photographers only safe, effective, and travel-friendly products. We are delighted to welcome on board our new partner Bogen Imaging and KATA UK.”

Bogen Imaging markets and distributes leading brands to the photographic, digital, video, broadcast and film industries. The flagship lines of Manfrotto and Gitzo are the core brands for the Bogen Imaging network. Bogen's extensive catalog is filled with many solutions for any imaging situation. In 1993, Bogen was acquired by the Vitec Group, a company listed on the London stock exchange and includes Manfrotto, Gitzo, Vinten, Sachtler, Anton Bauer, Bexel, and Clear-Com. Today, Bogen is an integral part of the Vitec Photographic Division, which includes Gruppo Manfrotto and Gitzo.

In 2004, VisibleDust introduced the world’s first patent-pending sensor cleaning product called the Sensor Brush™ to clean DSLR Sensors. Later on in 2005, VisibleDust introduced the world’s first self-cleaning and self-charging patent pending Sensor Brush Called Arctic Butterfly®, which is a revolutionary sensor cleaning product that only requires two AAA batteries, and takes just a few seconds to get a spotless sensor.

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