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    Black Body Canon 300D released in Japan

    the popular Canon Rebal 300D has been released in Japan with a Black Body and gee it looks nice compared to the current release. More in keeping with the EOS bodies, to my liking anyway. Just saw the info released on home page.

    Whether it is released to the rest of the world as a black body is the issue being related in the article. I also didn't know there were two versions of the EF-S 18-55 lens released again, a different one in Japan.

    Just thought people might be interested in knowing as this might be of interest if they are releasing it in Europe and North America. As always no mention of Oceania at all, but that is normal for most websites.

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    if they come out with the black body in the US, I'm going to be angry. I like that so much better..... ah well, same camera. i love it anyway

    thanks for highlighting this!


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    I like the silver body. The rebel is a unique camera, it deserves a unique look.

    Then again, I also always liked unfared motorcycles like the TL, SV, Monster, and a few Guzzi's =D (I rode an unfared SV for a few years.)

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