FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 30, 2006--ArcSoft, Inc. announced today Panorama Maker(R) 4, software that enables users to quickly and automatically create seamless panoramic photographs from groups of regular digital shots.

"Panorama Maker 4 is truly an amazing piece of software. In just seconds it will stitch a small set of pictures into a beautiful, wide-angle shot or turn a whole series of photos into a panoramic work of art," said Mr. Stephan Cote, ArcSoft Vice President of Sales, Desktop Imaging Group. "Almost every part of Panorama Maker has been upgraded. The workflow has been simplified, photo selection and photo ordering is now fully automated and photo stitching is fast and flawless. Fans of the previous version will love this upgrade but it's going to turn a lot of new heads too."

Panorama Maker 4 works with regular digital photos -- so no special equipment is needed. With one click, the program analyzes each photo and then instantly produces a seamless panoramic image that can be cropped, straightened and previewed in a full-screen viewing mode. A set of "How to" instructions provides users with great information about shooting photos for flawless panoramic results.

Key Features:
  • Effectively transforms any regular digital camera lens into a wide angle lens
  • Users of all levels can create their own panoramic works of art
  • Three stitching modes - horizontal, vertical and 360 degrees
  • Boasts fast, fully-automatic photo selection, photo ordering and panorama rendering
  • Provides manual adjustment controls to crop and straighten the final result
  • Supports banner and multi-sheet printing
  • Exports 360 degrees virtual tour panoramas to both QuickTime VR and HTML formats
  • Saves panorama photos as JPG, TIF, BMP, and PCT
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