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    Anything going on with Fuji?

    This is only a question, not a rumor. A salesman at a good camera chain in Minnesota, National Camera, tells me they aren't getting any Fuji's these days. He doesn't know why. That's why I he could sell me an almost-untouched Finepix 5200 that was going to be the shelf model. I hope Fuji isn't going to be another Konica Minolta. Has anyone heard any rumblings?

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    Re: Anything going on with Fuji?

    I haven't heard anything negative. They did announce a price reduction on the S3 Pro digital SLR, recently and there have been vague rumors of a new SLR in development. They had their usual huge booth at this year's PMA tradeshow. They had new compact digital cameras and new professional film emulsions. I'm sure they are struggling a little, as Kodak has been, since they still have a lot of money invested in silver-based products. But they're keeping a high profile and I would be really surprised if they went the way of Konica Minolta.

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    Re: Anything going on with Fuji?

    The Fuji DSLR's have a pretty loyal following with the portrait and wedding photographer community so I'd guess they're doing pretty well there. I have an S2 and bought it 2-1/2 years ago which was at least a year before the S3 actually came out. I only found one S2 in stock at the time, and it was an hour or so away from here.

    My local guy said he'd have to buy a few of them just to get one, and he didn't want to do that. Funny how that works, but the rumor mill started up about the S3 well before I bought my S2 so dealers were reluctant to bring more of them in. I ended up buying it from B&H once again...

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