Anthology Unveils the Next Generation Yellow Machine Terabyte Storage Appliance; ''Toaster-Sized'' Single-Chip Appliance Supports 1.6 TB of Data

LAS VEGAS & SAN JOSE, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Jan. 6, 2005 Anthology Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of integrated storage solutions for small businesses and branch offices, today unveiled their "Yellow Machine(TM)" terabyte storage appliance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, NV.

Built on breakthrough ASIC technology (the KingGate(TM) chip), the Yellow Machine(TM) P400T storage appliance integrates vital storage and reliability capabilities -- 1.6 TB network attached storage (NAS) and RAID (0, 1, 5) -- with a full suite of networking and security features. The toaster-sized, Yellow Machine(TM) appliance provides expandable and manageable storage capacity for high throughput activities including backup of PCs, file services, automatic archiving of email, and video and audio storage. The compact footprint includes an 8-port LAN switch, Router, Packet Inspection Firewall, and Web Access Control, all key requirements of small businesses, branch offices, governments, and schools. This highly affordable appliance ships with default configurations, and includes a user-friendly browser-based Manager allowing customization of the setup.

"The IT needs of small businesses are growing rapidly, while budgets and staff continue to be stressed," said Brad Nisbet, program manager with IDC's storage group. "Cost-effective products that are feature rich and easy to use, such as those from Anthology Solutions, will help to simplify and relieve the pressure for many small business resources."

The P400T provides fault-tolerant storage using RAID 0, 1, or 5, along with high data throughput in a two, three or four hard disk drive configuration, in addition to a non-RAID single-disk mode. Small businesses can choose what best suits their needs for storage capacity, fault tolerance and performance, knowing they have a flexible growth path for expansion.

With threats to security on the rise, protecting stored content and limiting access to intended users is paramount. The Yellow Machine(TM) storage appliance offers data security through password protection, permissions-based access at multiple levels, a deep inspection firewall, Web access control, e-mail recording and blocking, and locking drive bays.

"The volume of data that small businesses and branch offices require to run their operations is increasing exponentially," said David MacMillan, president and CEO at Anthology Solutions. "The need for reliable, secure storage is more critical than ever. Anthology's Yellow Machine(TM) appliance is a breakthrough solution that supports over a Terabyte, at price points that bring it well within the reach of the most cost sensitive users."

About Anthology Solutions

Anthology Solutions is the leading provider of the Yellow Machine(TM) terabyte storage appliance for small businesses, government offices, educational institutions, and corporate branch offices. Anthology Solutions was founded with a vision to provide customers with a better solution for storing, sharing, and managing critical digital content. Built on the breakthrough KingGate(TM) ASIC chip (SoC) technology, the Yellow Machine(TM) appliance provides a competitive edge in performance and price. Anthology Solutions' products are being used by a variety of customers around the world, including the government, telecom, small businesses and educational institutions.

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