Adobe Digital Negative Specification Gains Momentum with Hasselblad and Leica Support; Software Companies Rally to Deliver Support for New Universal Format

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 8, 2005--Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that Hasselblad and Leica Camera AG are among the first camera manufacturers to commit to support the Digital Negative Specification (DNG). Hasselblad will work to allow export to the Digital Negative (.DNG) file format and Leica plans to include native support within their new camera models. Just a few months after Adobe announced the free Adobe DNG Converter, which translates all Photoshop(R) supported raw photo formats into the new universal .DNG file format, Hasselblad and Leica, along with respected software companies Phase One (Capture One), DxO Labs, Extensis Portfolio and iView, have rallied around this single unified file format for archiving raw files.

Responding to customer and industry feedback, Adobe today also announced an update to the DNG Specification. The DNG Specification now gives photographers the ability to embed the original image within the .DNG file format directly from the Adobe DNG Converter. This is particularly useful when DNG is not the original file format within the camera a photographer is shooting with.

"Hasselblad and Leica Camera are photo industry icons and innovators and their support for DNG is great news for professional photographers who want to simplify their Digital Negative workflows," said Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president of Digital Imaging and Digital Video at Adobe. "Adobe will continue to update the DNG Specification as customers and industry partners integrate DNG into their everyday work and we look forward to their feedback."

"Hasselblad is proud to be one of the first camera manufacturers to support the export of image files to the DNG format," said Christian Poulsen, CEO at Hasselblad. "Hasselblad has a long history of providing the highest quality cameras for professional photographers who demand the flexibility of customizing their workflow in pursuit of the finest images. Adobe's open DNG specification has given us the added flexibility, enabling Hasselblad images to be compatible with the variety of software applications already supporting DNG today, as well as with the DNG-compliant software and hardware to come in the future."

"Leica is excited to join Adobe in its effort to preserve the purest form of the digital image for years to come," said Stefan Daniel, Head of Product Management at Leica. "Professional photographers know that Leica can be depended on for our unique combination of longevity and modern digital technology. Our customers have the added assurance that we deliver only the most dependable products that keep pace with technological innovation, without compromising ease of use and versatility. That is why we've committed to simplifying the raw workflow and making the Digital Negative Specification our native format within Leica's new camera models."

The first Leica product that supports the .DNG file format will be the LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R, a unique, interchangeable digital back for Leica's 35mm SLR system.


The Adobe DNG Converter is available today as a free download at In addition, Adobe has posted a public DNG Specification patent license on its Web site at for individuals or organizations that desire to develop, market or distribute hardware and software that reads, or writes, image files compliant with the DNG Specification.