“Images of Research 2010“ – FOCUS and the vfa, the Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies, announce the sixth competition for science photography

Remarkable motives, surprising perspectives and unique details – the photo competition “Images of Research” is a firm institution for scientists and photographs since six years. Once again the German news magazine FOCUS and the vfa, the Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies, award photographers whose pictures show the fascination of research and science by making it a visual experience.

With nearly 2.000 submitted pictures “Images of Research” is one of the biggest German competitions for science photography. To take part in the competition – which in sum is endowed with EUR 20,000 – scientists, professional photographers and amateurs are asked to present photos dealing in various ways with “research”.

The best photos will be awarded by a prominent jury, then presented at the awards ceremony in Berlin and printed in the news magazine FOCUS.

The photo competition “Images of research” with its two categories “Fascination research” and “Faces of research” is open to anyone interested. The category “Fascination research” includes all pictures that show processes and phenomena in natural science. This contains pictures taken with different imaging techniques like the scanning electron microscope, magnetic resonance imaging and x-ray technology as well as conventional imaging techniques that serve scientific purposes.
In the category “Faces of research” researchers are in the centre of attention. Pictures in this category should display scientists with their curiosity and passion to look deep into the mysteries of nature. Additionally, these pictures may present people who apply scientific methods or benefit from them – for instance a surgeon during an operation or a patient in a magnetic resonance tomograph. Every participant may submit up to six photos on a data medium (CD-ROM/DVD) by mail:

“Bilder der Forschung”
Postfach 08 05 30
10005 Berlin

The following requirements have to be fulfilled:
Only photos taken after September 1, 2009 can be submitted to the competition. Pictures that have been handed in to other competitions can still be sent to “Images of research”. The pictures should have a minimum size of DIN A4 with 300 dpi and should additionally be submitted as a 72 dpi (1000x1500 Pixel) version. Please only submit TIFF and JPEG formats. Closing date is October 3, 2010.

Further information as well as admission requirements for the photo competition are available under www.bilder-der-forschung.de.

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