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    Good prices, not the best, but fair.

    Best selection of lighting gear bar none.

    I have only ordered online once. Shipping was quick and reliable.

    I mostly shop at their retail locations, primarily the one in Bensenville, although I have made a trip to their downtown Chicago location.

    The people at the Bensenville store are a blast, knowledgeable and very friendly. If it's slow we just stand around and play with really expensive gear.

    BTW, the Kodak 14n handles like crap, they must have designed the vertical grip for people WITHOUT FINGERS.

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    The only thing I find with Calmet's price is the cost of international shipping, it is much higher than B&H's is and it makes me wonder why it just costs so much from anywhere to ship things. I can understand larger items but a compact flash card is $52 to send to Australia, converted that is $70A approximately. That is just an example.

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