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    Broadway Photo--false advertising

    I ordered my camera from They emailed the next day and said I had to call them to verify my order before it would be shipped. When I called, they proceeded to pressure me into buying accessories for my camera. When I got upset and said I did not want to buy anything else, they told me that the camera I ordered was a Japanese model, had all Japanese charaters on it and a Japanese instruction manual, and if I ever wanted to have it serviced, I would have to send it to Japan. The American model, if I wanted it, would be an additional $50. I was angry and told them to cancel my order. I then looked back at their website. NOWHERE does it say anything about it being a foreign model camera. DO NOT USE purchase from!

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    Re: Broadway Photo--false advertising

    Yes, there are hundreds of posts on these scammers. Stay away! There is an official thread here too.
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    Re: Broadway Photo--false advertising

    i bought a cannon tx1 powershot form broadway photo... i did my research.
    put the order thru online. got a call from a costumer rep.
    "we just received your order calling to confirm that"
    i said "yes, that is me"
    he says "you know we have a special with the same camera in it that would save you money"
    i said " oh really, what is it?"
    he says " you can get all these added lenses, lenses and batteries and extended warranty for not much more"
    anyways... he talks me into paying for 2 lenses that are not compatible to the camera... i confirmed that with cannon... sends me a dead battery that does not hold a charge well... a knock off battery... and to top it off they sell me a 5 yr warranty and the company does not exist anymore...

    i was super ripped off...

    not sure where they get there products but ... i would never buy anything from them again.

    when i spoke with cannon and the lens manufacturer about the products and they both confirmed that the products where not compatible ... broadway photo still insisted they where compatible ( l.o.l) they are out of there minds.

    from what it seems from my conversation with them... they seemed to be so sort of a fundamentalist group... the way the spoke.
    trying to persuade me by fear... and how honorable they were.

    there tune changed when they found out i was an attorney...
    they sent me a bunch of free stuff.

    but never admitted to there lies... and now after a year the camera does not work.

    terrible... warning to you all.

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