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Exercise is good for your health. It is a basic issue that many of us already know. But many people may not yet know the importance of Warming up Before exercise And chose to ignore this step

Hello, the doctor will bring you some interesting facts about warming up. So that everyone gets to know the importance of Warm up

What is a warm up?
Warming up Or warm up (Warm up) refers to activities that are done gently in a slow rhythm may range from stretching muscles. Treading in light Or even slow cycling To help the blood flow to the muscles in the body causing body temperature to rise. And improves the flexibility of various parts of the body, including muscles, tendons and movement of the body to be in optimal condition And ready for various forms of movement In exercise ทางเข้า amb

Many people tend to skip the warm-up step and start exercising. Because I think that it is not important or wasted time, but really if we do not warm up Well before exercise It can lead to problems such as muscle injury due to a muscle tear, etc.